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The Witch - Story Index

Serena the Witch - Story Index
A random event causes Serena to awake after centuries of magical slumber, and she encounters a young Amazon.
The Witch of the Forest
Serena pays a rather intimate visit to Lynn Wonders, the same Amazon that she met after her awakening.
Serena's Visit
Serena faces Curia, the mighty Wonder Woman, in a fierce battle.
The Witch and the Amazon
The Witch and the Amazon p.2
Lynn tries to rescue the captive Curia from the seductive wi
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The Hitgirl - Story Index

Stacy the Hitgirl - Story Index
Stories with Crimson Dynamo
Stacy takes on a secret mission in Paragon City and encounters the famed Crimson Dynamo
A Crimson Encounter p.1
A Crimson Encounter p.2
A Crimson Encounter p.3
A Crimson Encounter p.4
Stacy founds a plot against her new ally, and makes a reckless decision to protect her. 
A Reckless Fight p.1
Stories with Nocturne
Stacy meets Bethany Hunter, while the detective is enjoying her vacation.
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A Reckless Fight p.1
Tiffany Johnson made her way casually in the streets of Paragon City. The red haired scientist had decided to leave her research lab for a while, and enjoy the pleasantly sunny day with a nice cup of green ice tea. Tiffany strolled down the sidewalk, stopping once in a while to take a look at the store windows, her attention being drawn to a particularly fashionable pair of black, leather, high heeled boots.
“These look nice! Perhaps I should try them on!” she thought with a small smile, as she turned around and started to head inside the store . Still distracted, she didn’t notice a young woman that walked behind her, and nearly collided with her.
“Ugh! Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Tiffany said hastily with an apologetic expression, holding her cup in a precarious position.
“It’s okay! I got a little careless too!” the young woman laughed lightly, dusting herself, as Tiffany’s eyes momentarily
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Mature content
Mystery at the Museum :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 5 12
Star Girl :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 2 2
Mature content
A Darker Shade of Pink :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 3 11
Mature content
A Crimson Encounter p.4 :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 2 4
A Crimson Encounter p.3
Night had fallen over Paragon City, as two figures moved towards a remote location on the outskirts of the city. One of them was a blond, young woman, dressed in a black tight catsuit that fit her athletic body snuggle, highlighting her curvy figure, her knee high, high heeled boots lightly clicking on the ground. The other was slightly taller, her long, red hair draping over her strong shoulders, her curvaceous figure clad in a skintight, slick, black bodysuit, and a short red skirt, a pair of thigh high boots showed of her long legs, while a red domino mask framed her pretty face. The blond woman held her tightly by her arm, seemingly leading them ahead, as the heroine simply followed her with lowered head, her wrists bound behind her back, her lips covered by a cloth gag. The two women continued their way for a while longer, until they reached what appeared to be a large, abandoned warehouse, ignoring the warning sign on the fence around it. They stood in front of the heavy doors, t
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Mature content
A Crimson Encounter p.2 :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 4 10
A Crimson Encounter p.1
Crimson  Dynamo raised her fists in a battle stance, her eyes narrowing behind her red, domino mask, her heightened senses staying alert. What was shaping out to be a relatively calm night, with only a few minor incidents with some random muggers, had just gotten more unexpected. The red haired heroine had been patrolling around Paragon City, jumping through rooftops, and occasionally using her knee high, high tech boots to get a better view, when she felt as if someone was following her, hidden in the shadows. Crimson continued her patrol for a few drops and after confirming her suspicions that someone was indeed following her, she decided to simply confront them and turned around, boldly calling them out. She was quite surprised however, when her pursuer appeared in front of her. A young woman with straight, short, blond hair that barely reached her shoulders, clad in a tight, black catsuit that highlighted her curvaceous form, and matching black, knee high, high heeled boo
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The Cat and the Bat p.2
Nights are rarely calm in Gotham City. When one or more of the city’s several super villains isn’t up to any good, there would always be some of the many thugs or criminal gangs that would cause mayhem. Batgirl had learned that well, as she flip backwards, avoiding a strike from a thug’s steel pipe. The young heroine had stumbled at yet another hit, this time on a bank, from a gang that had now surrounded her.
“We got her now! Let’s show this little bat not to stick her nose in other people’s business!” a pipe wielding thug said roughly, swinging the hard object in a menacing way.
“I can’t wait to get my hands on her! This will be so much fun!” another thug said, staring at her with a dirty look, and rubbing his big hands in anticipation. Batgirl simply looked around her with an almost bored look.
“Don’t you people ever learn?” she casually said, as the gang members attacked at the same time. The masked heroi
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The Vampire :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 5 9
Mature content
The Madame's Trap :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 6 10
Mature content
The Cat and the Bat :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 6 6
The White Witch and the Purple Enchantress

The Amazon Academy Intelligence Section is the place where centuries’ worth of intel has been gathered. Mission reports, valuable data that has been gathered from missions and expeditions, historical information. It’s the ideal place for an Amazon to do her research. Lynn stared intently at the large computer screen in front of her, trying to find out as much as she could when she typed “Serena” in the search box. Which turned out to be not so much.
“Any progress?” Isabella, part of the Amazon’s Spy Division and Lynn’s instructor, asked as she got inside the room.
“Not much! It wouldn't be a stretch to say that I know more about the witch than what we have here. Which is barely anything, actually!” Lynn let out a sigh, as she sat back on the armchair, with a pouting expression.
“I expected as much. Our research for the past couple of days didn’t provide many results, so I don
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Mature content
An Amazon Rescue p.2 :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 4 7


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The Witch 2 by bob-warden

Serena the Witch - Story Index

A random event causes Serena to awake after centuries of magical slumber, and she encounters a young Amazon.
The Witch of the Forest
Serena pays a rather intimate visit to Lynn Wonders, the same Amazon that she met after her awakening.
Serena's Visit
Serena faces Curia, the mighty Wonder Woman, in a fierce battle.
The Witch and the Amazon
The Witch and the Amazon p.2
Lynn tries to rescue the captive Curia from the seductive witch.
An Amazon Rescue
An Amazon Rescue p.2
Lynn and her instructor find Serena's former mentor, and together they face the Purple Enchantress. 
The White Witch and the Purple Enchantress
Serena prowls in the night city and encounters a rather lovely, young heroine called Blonde Avenger.
A Darker Shade of Pink
The Witch - Story Index
A brief summary of Serena's stories.

Curia is a character of :iconcuria-dd:
Lynn Wonders is a character of :iconsoolz:
Blonde Avenger is a character of :icontramusser:
The image was made with X-Girl creator.

The Witches 1 by bob-warden

The Amazon Academy Intelligence Section is the place where centuries’ worth of intel has been gathered. Mission reports, valuable data that has been gathered from missions and expeditions, historical information. It’s the ideal place for an Amazon to do her research. Lynn stared intently at the large computer screen in front of her, trying to find out as much as she could when she typed “Serena” in the search box. Which turned out to be not so much.

“Any progress?” Isabella, part of the Amazon’s Spy Division and Lynn’s instructor, asked as she got inside the room.

“Not much! It wouldn't be a stretch to say that I know more about the witch than what we have here. Which is barely anything, actually!” Lynn let out a sigh, as she sat back on the armchair, with a pouting expression.

“I expected as much. Our research for the past couple of days didn’t provide many results, so I don’t see why this would change now. Which is why I went for a different source of information” Isabella said, as another Amazon walked inside the room, through the automatic doors.

“Headmistress Ariana!” Lynn said with some surprise, as the elder Amazon nodded in greeting.

“Isabella has briefed me about the situation, and who you are looking for. I had encountered that witch once, long ago. She certainly is a formidable adversary. Very effective at setting up an ambush” Ariana said, lowering her head in thought.

“Don’t tell me she has taken even her down?” Lynn though with a shocked expression, as the elder Amazon lifted her head again.

“Normally I would tell you to stay away from her, but I know someone who might be able to help us” she said with a confident tone, as she folded her arms.

“Someone who could help us? And who might that be?” Isabella asked.

“Another witch. She is known as the White Witch. Serena’s former master, the one who pretty much taught her everything she knows” Ariana responded simply.

“You know her? And how can it be that she is still around? Serena had mentioned that she was in her magical slumber for centuries, so her former master must be even older than that” Lynn commented, surprise evident in her voice.

“That’s true. When she was younger, she used the spell of long life herself. She is immortal in the sense that she doesn't age, but she is not invulnerable. Eventually she realized that it was a mistake, so she destroyed the scrolls of the spell so no one could use it again, but this didn't negate the spell’s effect on her. Anyway, she has been an acquaintance of mine, but I haven’t heard from her for a long time. Until recently, when she came in touch with me. Perhaps she sensed with her magic that Serena has awakened, and decided to offer her assistance. In any case, I can arrange a meeting for you two. I think she is the only one who knows how to deal with her” Ariana explained.

“Can we trust her? I mean, she is the one who taught that witch everything” Isabella inquired, with a suspicious expression.

“Teachers and their students are not always the same. Witches are usually cunning and hard to trust, they always have their own plans. But this is a good one, one that can be trusted. I can arrange the meeting, and you can see that for yourselves” Ariana said. Lynn turned towards Isabella with a questioning expression; her instructor looked back at her, before she gave an approving nod.

“Okay then! We will meet that witch. It looks like it’s the best chance we have, at this point” Lynn agreed, with a small sigh.

“This must be the meeting point” Lynn said, as the two Amazons reached a small clearing in the forest.

“So it seems. All we have to do now, is wait. Keep your eyes open!” Isabella instructed, as she looked around.

“Got it!” Lynn nodded. A few moments passed in silence before Isabella talked again.

“How are you holding up? It’s been only a week since you’ve run up to that witch” the older Amazon asked with a softer voice, watching her student with concern.

“I’m fine, Isabella! No need to worry!” Lynn said lightly, as she looked back with a small smile. Isabella gave her an investigating look, but didn’t say anything else, much to Lynn’s relief. She still felt a little sore, but that was not the issue. Just two nights ago, Lynn had gotten of her bed, her entire body burning and tingling after an intense dream with the witch.

“Another dream with her. Is that part of her magic?” the young Amazon wondered, but her thoughts stopped as both Isabella and she, heard the sound of approaching footsteps.

“Greetings, dear Amazons!” a smooth voice was heard, as the two Amazons turned towards the direction of the voice. In front of them was a beautiful, tall woman, dressed in white. Her tight corset highlighted her voluptuous figure, while a short, slit skirt revealed her long, smooth legs that were covered by white stockings that reached all the way to her firm thighs. Her long, blond hair draped over her lean shoulders and covered her lovely neck which was adorned by a white choker, and her outfit was completed by a pair of fingerless gloves, white heels, and a white cloak.

“Wow! She’s gorgeous!” Lynn thought, with a slight blush.

“You are the one that Ariana told us about? The one who came in touch with her?” Isabella said.

“Indeed. My name is Ariadne. Pleased to make your acquaintance!” the blonde witch said politely, with a slight bow.

“The pleasure is ours! My name is Isabella, and this is Lynn. Ariana arranged this meeting because we need some information for a fellow witch of yours, someone who has been troubling us for a while now. Someone you supposedly know a lot about” Isabella said. Ariadne gave the two Amazons an inspecting look, her eyes resting on Lynn for a little longer, before she talked.

“You are referring to Serena. I guess if there was someone who was ever close to her, that would be me” she said, after a few moments.

“That's the one! What can you tell us about her? Anything you share could help us greatly” Lynn said.

“Is it true that you used to be her instructor? The one who taught her magic?” Isabella asked.

“It is true. I used to be her mentor. That was so long ago!” Ariadne said, staring towards the sky with a reminiscing expression, before she turned towards the two Amazons.

“Back then, I was known as the White Witch. I was fairly well known, mostly because of my accomplishments, and my magical powers, which I was pretty boastful about and would use at a any giving chance, in my younger years. But over the years, I realized that there was little meaning in boasting like that, or in seeking more power. My foolishness had caused me to use the old spell of long life, and when I realized my mistake, it was already late. It may sound like an immortality spell, but it is actually more accurate if you say that it was a spell of not ageing. I’m neither immortal, nor invulnerable. I hid away the secret scroll, and I tried to make use of my long years by helping those around me, and teaching those who wished to learn a bit of magic” the blonde witch began her narration, as the two Amazons listened to her intently.

“Years passed, and I hardly realized when I reached two centuries. It was around that time when I met Serena. She came to me, and asked me to teach her. Rather impatiently and persistently, I might say! Her enthusiasm and willingness drew my interest, and I took her under my wing. Serena turned out to be quite talented. None of my previous students could match her prowess, her wit, her enthusiasm, even her stubbornness, and the way she mastered all the different spells. She had also taken a very personal, interest in me, and  once again she was quite persistent! I admit I was flattered, but I tried to maintain a distance, which made her advances even more insistent and forward. Eventually she succeeded and we became, rather close! Her passion was, overwhelming, to say the least!” the blonde witch mumbled her last words with a wry smile.

“I bet it was!” Lynn thought, as she could only imagine what the aggressive Serena would do to a beauty like her.

“I guess things didn’t stay like this” Isabella commented.

“Indeed. Serena slowly changed. She became more obsessed with power. She researched different kinds of magic, forbidden kinds of magic. I told her that we should use our magic to help others. She did not think so. She claimed that our magic gave us great power, and we could do whatever we wanted with it. Others should bow to us. Maybe I should have seen that coming. Maybe I should have been a better teacher, more patient, not showing her so much at once. It was only a matter of time before we would collide. I confronted her and tried to talk to her one more time. She asked me to join her, she said that together we would be unstoppable. I could see that she still cared for me, but I couldn’t follow her down the path that she had chosen, and she wouldn’t follow me either” Ariadne lowered her head with a dour expression, before she continued.

“We fought. I expected it to be a hard duel, not only because of my feelings, but because Serena was skilled and talented. But I had no idea how skilled. Serena had grown strong, more powerful than I expected, and she was relentless. Eventually, she overpowered me, and then she used forbidden magic, magic that I wasn’t aware she had mastered. Her Seduction Magic proved to be quite, effective. I was completely overwhelmed. I found myself helpless, completely drained and at her mercy. Serena had almost won, but she took a moment to gloat, to flaunt her victory. It was that moment of weakness when she let her guard down that I gathered the remains of my power, and I stroke her with everything I had. She was momentarily stunned, and I used a powerful spell to put her in a magical sleep. It was a close victory. It took me a while to pull myself together, but I couldn’t relax yet. I had to make the spell stronger. I took Serena to my castle, and completed the spell, making it stronger and more stable, and then I put magical wards around the castle. I gave my beloved student one last look, and then I left, and became less involved with the world. That was almost five hundred years ago” the blonde witch concluded her narration with a sigh.

“So this is what happened. And now Serena is free” Lynn said.

“Indeed. I suppose the magical wards thinned out over the centuries. I recently sensed a strong kind of magic, which also seemed rather familiar. I tried to visit the castle a few days ago, but there was a strong spell covering it, and that’s when I was certain that she had escaped” Ariadne nodded.

“We need to deal with her. She is like a loose cannon, we have no idea what she’s going to do next. Will you help us?” Isabella asked, as she took a step forward.

“I will. I have no idea where she might be, but I know how to contact her. Once she learns that the message is from me, she will definitely want to meet me” Ariadne said with certainty.

“If we can arrange a meeting point, when we could prepare some sort of ambush” Isabella suggested, but the blonde witch shook her head.

“She will know that it’s a trap, and that will only make her angry. And I wouldn’t agree with this anyway. No, I need to confront her myself” Ariadne said, as she walked towards the Amazons.

“If you want to come along, then you are free to do so. But allow me to deal with Serena. She is my responsibility, after all” she said.

“We will come with you, but I cannot guarantee that I will stay in the sidelines. This witch has attacked my students, after all” Isabella said angrily, raising her fist.

“Fair enough. Now, allow me to concentrate, if you please” Ariadne said with a sigh, before she focused her magic.

“We could have picked a better place. I don’t really like this cave” Lynn mumbled, as she looked around.

“I agree, there are several spots where someone who place an ambush. At least we are not very deep in the cave, the entrance is pretty close” Isabella commented.

“She’s here” Ariadne said sharply, causing the two Amazons to be on their guard.

“So, it is true” a voice was heard, before another witch appeared in front of them, in a cloud of purple smoke. A beautiful, young woman, with a curvy figure dressed in a deep purple, low neckline dress with golden embroidery, while a cut revealed her shapely legs, which were covered with knee high boots. Black gloves covered her hands all the way to her arms, and her straight, dark, almost lavender hair, draped over her lean shoulders.

“It really is you, Ariadne!” she said with a wide grin, staring directly at the blond witch.

“Serena! It has been a while” Ariadne said with a calm voice, locking her light blue eyes, with Serena’s dark blue ones.

“A while, you say? Now that’s one way to mention five hundred years!” Serena chuckled, as her eyes moved over the Amazons.

“I see you brought some company with you! A face I know only too well, and someone I’d really want to get to know better! You must be one of the elders, right? Well, aren’t you a pretty one!” she said, staring towards Isabella, who glared at her.

“You’ll find this a lot less amusing when I get my hands on you!” she said angrily, pointing her finger towards the witch.

“Oh, scary! What are you waiting for, then? Or you would prefer if I described how I made your beloved students tremble just with the tip of my fingers?” Serena provoked her, still grinning.

“You will regret ever messing with the Amazons!” Isabella roared furiously, as she dashed towards the witch, with her fist raised.

“Isabella, wait!” Lynn said warningly, but the elder Amazon had already reached the witch, taking a hard swing with her fist. Serena however, was ready for the Amazon’s strike, moving sideways to evade her, and grabbing her wrist.

“Aren’t you a spirited one? I’d love to spend more time with you, but I have someone more important in my sights right now! Perhaps another time! For now, full charge for you!” the dark haired witch whispered, before she struck the Amazon with a powerful, fully charged blast of purple lighting at point blank.

“Aaiiieee!” Isabella cried out, as she was sent flying backwards from the powerful blast, feeling the electric current flow through her body and striking her continually, as she crashed roughly on the ground.

“Isabella! Why you!” Lynn said angrily, clenching her fists, but Ariadne stopped her in her tracks, putting her arm in front of her.

“Don’t attack without thinking, young Amazon! Go, stay by your mentor's side! Leave Serena to me” she said with a calm voice. Lynn took a deep breath, trying to calm herself, and nodded in agreement.

“Isabella” she said worriedly, as she ran towards the motionless Amazon, and held her in arms. A long sigh of relief escaped the brunette’s soft lips, feeling a big burden lifting from her shoulders.

“You are okay! What a relief!” she mumbled, noticing her unconscious teacher’s soft breath and heaving chest, as she held her closer.

“I see you still like to play mind games” Ariadne remarked.

“Perhaps. So, how about we get started? I’ve been waiting for this time for a long time, my dear master!” Serena’s grin widened, as her hands were surrounded by bright, purple glows.

“All right, you leave me with no choice! Time to put you back to sleep!” Ariadne said, taking off her white cloak, and remaining in her white corset and short skirt.

"You are looking as gorgeous as ever, Ariadne! I can't wait to get my hands on you once again!" Serena's voice dripped with desire, as she eyed the lovely witch form head to toes. A deep, pink shade covered Ariadne's features, but her voice remained steady.

"Perhaps you can dream about me, then! Time to put you back to sleep!" she said decisively, surrounding her hands by bright, white glows. 

“I am not the one who’s going to sleep this time!” Serena yelled, shooting a large, purple blast, while Ariadne shot a large, white one. The two magical blasts collided in midair, creating a huge explosion which shook the entire cave.

“Ugh! What power!” Lynn grunted, raising her arm, and trying to cover Isabella and herself from the force of the explosion. A motion that didn’t go unnoticed by the blonde witch, who raised her arm towards her, creating a glowing shield around the two Amazons.

“This is, a protection field?” Lynn thought, with a hint of surprise.

“Still trying to protect the innocent, my noble master?” Serena chuckled.

“This fight is between the two of us, Serena! There’s no need for anyone else to get involved!” the White Witch said, shooting a glittering block of ice.

“Don’t worry! My only target is you!” the Purple Enchantress said, as she shot a burning fireball. The two magical attacks clashed once again, creating a thick mist from the vaporized ice block.

“Tsk! She managed to turn my flames into her advantage. She is as cunning as ever!” Serena mumbled to herself, smiling. Suddenly, two bright, magical blasts were shot from within the mist, surrounding the dark haired witch, and trapping her in a strong force field.

“Ugh!” Serena grunted, feeling as if she was getting crushed from force field, as the mist cleared, and Ariadne stepped towards her, having both of her glowing hands raised.

“Give up, Serena! You cannot escape this one!” she said with a firm voice. Serena struggled and grunted, feeling as if she was in a tight room, with the walls closing harder against her.

“Argh! Don’t, underestimate me!” she suddenly roared, pushing with her glowing hands, creating a strong explosion as the force field was crushed, pushing the blonde witch backwards.

“She broke through my Crushing Field! I suppose, should have expected that much” she thought, with a hint of surprise, feeling slightly weary form her spell.

“To use this kind of spell! You are serious about this, aren’t you?” Serena panted, but remained on her feet.

“Well, so am I!” she said more firmly, as she raised her hand. Several vines appeared from the ground, and wrapped tightly around the blonde witch.

“Ugh! Not this!” Ariadne gasped.

“And that’s not all!” Serena curled her fingers into a fist, causing an electric current to flow through the vines.

“Aaaaiiiieeeee!” Ariadne cried out, getting struck by the electricity, while the vines kept struggling her. The electric strikes soon stopped, but the vines kept crushing her, causing her almost to pass out. The blonde witch struggled to move her hands, and managed to catch the vines, freezing them and shattering them, and then rubbed her neck, trying to catch her breath, but a strong blast knocked her on the ground.

“Come on! Don’t tell me you are done already?” Serena said, as the older witch slowly got back on her feet.

“Not yet! It will take more than this!” she said decisively, as she started to focus her magic.

“I know! Let’s finish our little duel then!” Serena said, focusing her magic as well. The two witches stared each other intensely for a moment, before they attacked at the same time, their magical blasts clashing with force. The entire cave shook and for a moment it looked as if it would come down, as the two witches struggled to overpower each other, their clashing energies getting pushed towards the one and then towards the other. Eventually, the energy struggle moved closer to Ariadne, and Serena with one last push managed to overpower her former master, striking her with her blast and sending her crushing on the ground.

“Hah! Hah! You are as strong as always, Ariadne! But I win, again!” Serena panted, as she walked slowly towards her former master, who struggled to get back on her feet.

“It’s no use! Serena has grown strong, perhaps even stronger than last time!” Ariadne thought, as she got on her knees.

“Gaaaaah!” she cried out, as Serena blasted her once again with her purple lightning, causing her to fall back on the ground, barely able to move.

“It’s over, my master! I win! And you remember what followed last time, don’t you?” Serena said slowly, raising her glowing hand. Ariadne gasped, feeling her body heat up, in a different, much more pleasurable way.

“Not this again!” the blonde witch moaned weakly.

“Only this time, you will not get an opening!” Serena said, wrapping her arms around her former master and lifting her effortlessly from the ground. Ariadne could barely stand, instead her entire body leaned against the witch behind her, her head resting on her shoulder. Serena smiled wickedly, she kept her one arm wrapped around the taller witch’s trim waist holding her firmly, while her other hand slowly moved lower, tracing her glowing fingers over her firm body, until it reached her skirt. The blond witch yelped, as Serena suddenly pulled hard, ripping away the short skirt, and revealing her white panties.

“Serena, wait! Oooh!” Ariadne moaned helplessly, as Serena started trailing light kisses over her cheeks, her neckline, and her bare shoulders, while her glowing hand moved lightly between her firm thighs.

“You are trembling! You have missed my touch, haven’t you, my master?” Serena whispered with an alluring voice, as the older witch could only moan in response.

“Serena, you can’t do this! We, are not like this anymore!” she panted, trying to regain some control, but her body wouldn’t cooperate.

“Oh, but we are! We always have been, my master! Tell me, why didn’t you finish me off last time? You had your chance, and yet you didn’t!” Serena said. Ariadne offered no response, instead she lowered her head with closed eyes.

“As I thought. You know Ariadne, this is another thing that we have in common, except for our love for magic. You see, I couldn’t hurt you either!” the dark haired witch whispered slowly, causing Ariadne to open her eyes and look towards her with a hint of surprise. Serena gave her a tender look, and then covered her full lips in a heated kiss, causing the blond witch to simply moan, and surrender into the kiss completely.

“How I longed for that kiss! To hold you in my arms, to make you mine again! We have a lot of catching up to do, my dear master!” Serena said with a husky voice after she broke the kiss.

“Sleep now, my love!” she said softly.

“Serena” Ariadne mumbled with a soft sight, before she fell into a deep sleep. The magical field around the Amazons shimmered and vanished, and Lynn slowly got up, holding Isabella in her arms, while she kept her gaze firmly on the witch, who looked towards her, keeping her own teacher in her arms.

“We have been running into each other quite often lately, haven’t we?” Serena commented lightly.

“You could say that, I guess” Lynn said, with some uncertainty.

“Well I, for once, have definitely enjoyed our little encounters, but I think we need a small break from our little, relationship!” the dark haired witch continued lightly.

“Relationship? Well, sure okay” Lynn mumbled, with a raised eyebrow, wondering where the witch was getting at.

“I have some catching up to do with my dear master over here. And perhaps then I’d like to travel around for a bit, see how much the world has changed. So, I don’t think I will be seeing you, anytime soon. But I’m pretty sure you will find yourself occupied” Serena said lightly.

“What exactly is that supposed to mean?” Lynn asked.

“Just a feeling. You Amazons always bounce into trouble anyway. Farewell then, for now!" Serena said with a grin, as she vanished into purple smoke.

“She left!” Lynn said, as Isabella slowly stirred in her arms.

“What happened? Where is, the witch?” she said weakly, rubbing her forehead.

“It’s okay, Isabella. She left” Lynn said, letting Isabella on the ground. Lynn explained what happened while she was out, as Isabella tried to recover enough so she could get back on her feet.

"I see. So she took Ariadne" she said slowly.

"We need to come up with a plan to rescue her" Lynn said, but Isabella slowly shook her head.

"I understand your feelings, but it's not that simple. We have no way to find her, or her castle. And even if we did, she is still quite formidable" she said.

"I guess, you are right. At least, I don't think she is going to hurt her. Maybe it's just me but, she looked like she still had some feelings about her. And it may be a little embarrassing to admit it, but Serena can be pretty tender" Lynn said, with a slight blush. Isabella let out a small sight, and then smiled.

"Come on, Lynn! 
Let’s get back to the Academy" she said, slowly getting back to her feet, with some support from the Lynn. The two Amazons slowly made their way out of the cave, as Lynn kept thinking about the dark haired witch. She knew that sooner or later, she would meet her again.

The White Witch and the Purple Enchantress
Lynn and Isabella find Serena's former mentor, and together they confront the cunning witch!
Lynn Wonders is a character of :iconsoolz:
Ariana and Isabella are characters of :iconlordsnot:
Serena and Ariadne are characters of my own.
The Hitgirl 2 by bob-warden

Stacy the Hitgirl - Story Index

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Stacy takes on a secret mission in Paragon City and encounters the famed Crimson Dynamo
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The Madame's Trap
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Mystery at the Museum
The Hitgirl - Story Index
A brief summary of Stacy's stories.
Crimson Dynamo/Tiffany Johnson is a character of :iconcrimsonvlkyrie:
Nocturne/Bethany Hunter is a character of :iconbethanyhunter:
Fightgirl is a character of :iconfightgirl2004:
Stacy Williams is one of my own characters
The image was made with X-Girl creator.

Tiffany Johnson made her way casually in the streets of Paragon City. The red haired scientist had decided to leave her research lab for a while, and enjoy the pleasantly sunny day with a nice cup of green ice tea. Tiffany strolled down the sidewalk, stopping once in a while to take a look at the store windows, her attention being drawn to a particularly fashionable pair of black, leather, high heeled boots.

“These look nice! Perhaps I should try them on!” she thought with a small smile, as she turned around and started to head inside the store . Still distracted, she didn’t notice a young woman that walked behind her, and nearly collided with her.

“Ugh! Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Tiffany said hastily with an apologetic expression, holding her cup in a precarious position.

“It’s okay! I got a little careless too!” the young woman laughed lightly, dusting herself, as Tiffany’s eyes momentarily widened, noticing that the person she nearly knocked on the ground was a rather familiar blond.

“Again, I’m so sorry!” Tiffany said, hiding her surprise almost completely, as the young woman looked towards her.

“Really, it’s no problem! Since you didn’t spray that tea all over me, we are good!” the young woman said simply, her face suddenly taking a wondering expression, as she took a better look at the redhead.

“Wait, you look sort of familiar!” she slowly said, causing the young scientist to sweat anxiously.

“Really? I, I do?” she grinned nervously, trying her best to remain calm.

“You’re kidding me! I knew that you were observant Stacy, but to recognise me without my mask? And so quickly?” she thought to herself, afraid her newest rooftop ally had already figured out her secret, even if it was by accident.

“I remember bow! You are Tiffany Johnson, a scientist here in Paragon City! I remember reading about you in a recent news article!” the young woman suddenly said, causing Tiffany to sigh inwardly in relief.

“Oh, you are referring to that cover the Paragon Times did on nanotechnology! Yeah, that would explain why I seem familiar to you. I am sort of a specialist in that field, though I tend to try to stay out of the lime light.” Tiffany responded lightly." Tiffany responded lightly.

“So it would seem. I got to say, you are way more charming in person, miss Johnson! You got the brains, and the looks! A winning combination, right there!” the blond said, with a flirty smile.

“Why, thank you stranger that I nearly spilled cold tea all over, and whose name I don’t know yet!” Tiffany responded, smiling playfully as well.

“Well, that’s a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it? Let’s fix this! My name is Stacy Williams!” the blond woman said, holding her hand forward, as Tiffany shook it.

“Nice to meet you, Stacy!” she greeted.

“And now that we’ve made proper introductions, how about we have a cup of coffee?” Stacy suggested lightly, with another flirty smile.

“After we’ve just met? You are pretty forward, aren’t you?” Tiffany said.

“Only with those I find really interesting! So, what do say?” Stacy said, without losing her smile. Tiffany remained silent for a while. Going out with Stacy might prove tricky; the agent was pretty smart and observant, and there was always the chance of her suspecting something about her secret identity. Then again, Stacy had proved to be a valuable and trustworthy ally. In fact, friend might a better word. Still, Tiffany felt a little reluctant to reveal her secret identity to more people. She might tell Stacy eventually, but it felt a little for the moment.

“I didn’t mean to bring you in a tough position. If you are busy, we could arrange it for another time” Stacy started saying reluctantly.

“Huh? No, it’s not that! I was just, thinking about something else, about my research!” Tiffany responded hastily, realizing that she probably took way too long to answer and sounded slightly nervous.

“In fact, coffee sounds great! I could really use a nice break from the lab!” the redhead responded eventually, causing Stacy to beam joyfully.

“Great! Let’s go then, I know just the place!” she said, offering her elbow, as Tiffany wrapped her arm around it with a small laugh.

“I didn’t expect her to get so happy over something so simple! It’s fine, I’ll just to be a little careful about what I say, can't give her any clues” Tiffany thought, as they made their way towards the coffee place. Their little date turned more fun than Tiffany expected. Their little date turned out to be more fun than Tiffany had expected. Of course she was being extra careful not to let anything slip regarding her rooftop life, but Stacy was her usual charming and pleasant self that she had come to know through their work together, and she seemed pretty relaxed, though she was quite evasive about her actual profession. Tiffany managed to hold back a small laugh when Stacy told her that she was working at a simple bookstore, and almost admired the way the agent kept her cover so well. Of course, that led to another thought. Stacy seemed to genuinely have fun with her, but she had to keep so many things to herself. She probably did that to everyone that she met in her civilian life to keep them safe from what she did for her real job. If that was the case, then she must have felt so lonely. Tiffany had to keep secrets as well, but she still had friends that she could trust. She wondered if the blonde had anyone like that in her life, someone she could trust and spend time with just to have fun.

“I really enjoyed our little date, Tiffany! I couldn’t be happier that you nearly spilled your tea all over me” Stacy chuckled.

“Well, you can thank the boots for that! They were what distracted me!” Tiffany giggled, causing the blonde to laugh as well.

“So, um, I’d really like to meet you again! I have to admit that I wasn’t really in a good mood, but you brightened my day!” Stacy said slowly, as she took a small card with her phone.

“Sure, just give me a minute! There, here’s my phone too!” Tiffany said lightly, giving Stacy her number as well.

“If I may ask, is there something troubling you? You seemed pretty cheerful earlier” the redhead asked subtly, noticing for the first time since they met, Stacy’s smile slowly fade.

“It’s no big deal, something with my work. I’ve wanted to ask you, Tiffany. What’s your opinion about the city’s heroine? The one that’s called Crimson Dynamo” Stacy said with a slightly serious expression, raising her eyes from the card she was holding towards the redhead, who looked at her with a surprised expression.

“What brought this on? I mean this sort of came out nowhere...” she said with a calm voice, though she was sweating bullets on the inside wondering if the agent had figured out the connection. She started to wonder if their meeting was really accidental.

“Maybe it is, but you have thought about this, right? I mean, there she is, fighting every night to keep the city safe, risking herself to protect complete strangers! Some people might shrug it off, but you are not one of those people! You are not only intelligent, but I can tell that you are someone who cares about others, about what is going on around her! I’m sure you have an opinion on the matter, and I’d like to hear about it.” Stacy said, and Tiffany noticed the same honesty in her eyes that she had noticed when she told her that she was not her enemy. 

“I think that she is simply trying to do the right thing. Trying to protect the innocent, to make the city a better place, without asking anything in return. I know I could never do something like that, but what she does is, really great! It isn't just her either, I mean Paragon City has so many heroes that protect it!” she responded carefully, causing a small smile to appear on the blond woman’s lips, as she lowered her head. 

“Yeah, she really is admirable! Someone who tries to protect the others. Maybe it’s about time someone protects her!” Stacy almost mumbled her last words. 

“Stacy, is everything okay?” Tiffany put her hand on her shoulder gently, worry evident in her voice. 

“Yeah, everything is fine! No need to worry!” Stacy raised her eyes with a spirited expression, as if she just made up her mind about something. “I’m glad I got to meet you, Tiffany! There some things that I need to take care of, and when I do, I’ll call you!” she smiled, giving Tiffany a light peck on her cheek, before she turned around and moved away, starting to vanish into the crowd of people walking down the sidewalk. Tiffany rubbed the spot where Stacy kissed her and kept staring at the blond, as she looked over her shoulder and gave her one more grin, and then vanished into the crowd. 

“Stacy! What on earth is going on?” the redhead wondered, feeling a strange knot in her stomach as she kept staring at the spot where the blonde was standing just moments earlier. Tiffany was starting to think that there had been more to the meeting than what Stacy had let on, even if the blonde hadn't figured out that she was really the Crimson Dynamo.

Night had covered Paragon City, and Tiffany Johnson put on the mask of Crimson Dynamo and took flight. Her thruster boots hummed, as she levitated above the tall buildings, and headed to a very specific destination. Over the previous few nights, Crey had become unusually aggressive, making several hits on areas around the city. After Crimson had stopped their last attempt at kidnapping some children with mutant genes, the message that was delivered to her was clear. She was to meet them by the docks, or the city would know their rage, leaving Crimson with no choice than to face the corrupt organization face to face on their terms. However the docks were not her current destination. Her coffee date with Stacy had been on her mind the entire day, especially her strange behavior, and now the agent had sent her a message and asked to meet her on a nearby rooftop. Tiffany was starting to wonder how involved Stacy was becoming in the crusade against the Crey corporation, as it seemed her work had kept her there in Paragon City for a while. She didn't mind though, as Stacy had proven to be a valuable ally, and the two of them had enjoyed quite a bit of naughty fun while winding down from their adventures together. Convinced that something was going on, Crimson moved faster until she spotted the agent on the rooftop that they had arranged to meet on, and flew towards her.

“It’s been a while, Crimson!” Stacy said with a smile, once the heroine landed on the rooftop, her heels slightly clicking on the concrete.

“I’m glad to see you again, Stacy! Although, I have a feeling that you are not here just for a friendly visit” Crimson smiled as well.

“If only! But I’m afraid I have some troubling news. I’m pretty sure you have noticed Crey’s unusual activity. In fact, you are probably heading towards particular area near the docks, right?” Stacy asked.

“Actually, I am. I’m guessing you know something about all this?” Crimson said, folding her arms, while she gave Stacy a curious look from behind her red mask.

“I’d rather you didn’t. This is a trap set by Crey. And according to my intel, they’ve gathered quite a force around that area” Stacy said, with a serious expression.

“I suspected as much. They have targeted me before, but this time they seem particularly aggressive” Crimson said, as she reached up with a gloved hand to nervously play with her hair

“I suppose it’s retaliation for our last mission. It looks like that facility we took down really did a number on them, in terms of their overall operation and their finances ” Stacy remarked.

“That’s good to hear! Well, I guess I’ll just have to go and meet them. At least now that I know it’s an ambush, I’ll be better prepared” Crimson said with a determined expression, as she turned around.

“I’m not sure this is a good idea, Crimson! There’s a good chance they will be a lot of them, and they will all target you. Perhaps you should stay away” Stacy said, worry evident in her voice.

“Come on, they got through all this trouble to set up all this, just for me! It would be rude if I didn’t show up!” Crimson lightly joked.

“Crimson, don’t do it! Please, you can't fall into their clutches and even though you are powerful, the numbers are stacked against you! ” Stacy said with a shaken voice.

“I know you care about me Stacy, and thank you! But if I don’t go, then who knows what they will do to the city, ορ who else they will target! I can’t allow that to happen!” the heroine said, as she took a few steps towards the edge of the rooftop, turning to gaze out over the city, the buildings lit up against the night sky. Her attention turned away from the blonde agent, who shook her head with regret and slowly pulled a soft white cloth into view.
“I knew that you would say something like that. You are too heroic for your own good Crimson. That’s why, I have to do this...” Stacy slowly said, her voice much closer as Crimson suddenly felt an arm wrapping around her waist, while a soft piece of cloth was suddenly clamped down over her mouth and nose. 

“Mmmmf!” Crimson let out a muffled gasp, her eyes widening in surprise behind her mask, as the familiar, sweet fragrance of chloroform filled her senses. She squirmed in Stacy's grasp, both confused and a little angry at why the blonde had suddenly attacked her with the potent chemical soaked cloth, her red gloved finger tips clawing at Stacy's hand and arm.

“Sssh! It’s okay, sweetie! Just relax! Everything will be okay! I’ll explain everything to you, but you need to let go! Just give in, and go to sleep!” Stacy whispered soothingly, as she held the heroine in a firm, and yet gentle way. Crimson was surprised and confused at the same time, but she could no longer think straight. The potent fumes had already overwhelmed her, causing her body to relax, and her sharp mind to become foggy. Her eyes fluttered behind her mask, and with another soft moan she fell into a relaxed slumber, her long hair forming a soft pillow as her head came to rest on the shoulder of the agent, who held her firmly as she removed the clear cloth from her face, revealing her sleeping expression. Stacy held the sleeping heroine in a tight embrace and lied her gently against a nearby wall, in a sitting position. She then kneeled next to her, and gazed at her with a soft and regretful expression, as she caressed her cheek tenderly.

“Look at you! Sleeping so peacefully! I’m sorry about this, Crimson! But I couldn’t allow you to go there! I’ve been thinking about this from the moment I learn about that ambush. I knew you want to face this, I knew that you wouldn’t back down. I knew that once again, you would risk yourself to save others. I got to say, I wasn’t sure if this whole thing is worth it, but I met someone today. Someone who appreciates what you do, someone who tries to do good in her own way, and who is worth protecting. It’s a comforting thought. This is who you are! You protect people! But not this time! This time, someone will protect you! I told that I would keep you safe, and that’s what I’ll do!” Stacy said intensely, as she leaned closer and softly kissed the sleeping Crimson on the cheek. Stacy could barely take her eyes off the slumbering heroine as she slowly stood up, as always she admired how lovely Crimson looked in her costume, the heroine's tight black suit and flirty red skirt fitting her like a glove and doing little to hide her feminine charms

“You are not walking into that trap, I am! And I’ll make sure that they regret coming after you! I don’t know if that can make up for what I’ve done, or if I’ll walk out of there. But you’ll be safe, and that’s what matters!” the agent said decisively, as she walked towards the ledge of the rooftop. Her eyes felt on the sleeping heroine on more time, and she smiled faintly.

“Farewell, Crimson Dynamo! I am not sure if I’ll see you again but if I don’t, it’s been a pleasure and an honor working alongside you ” her voice almost came out as a sad whisper, before she looked ahead, a determined expression on her face as she jumped over the edge of the rooftop. Stacy moved swiftly through the city, eventually walking over into a small alley, with a few warehouses around it. She has already spotted several of the hiding Crey henchmen, she even silently took out some of them before she walked in the alley, but she knew that the main force of their forces was too well covered.

“No need to be shy! You can come out, all of you!” the agent called them of, with a calm voice. As if on cue, a loud ramble was heard as several armored henchmen left their covers and moved towards the alley, taking their positions and surrounding the agent, while a couple of them maintained their high ground.

“There really is quite a few of you!” Stacy commented, retaining her calm expression.

“You are not the one we expected! But you will do, for now!” a hard voice was heard, as a tall, muscular woman with short, black hair walked in front of the guards. She had was covered in a heavy, crimson colored armor, and a small cape hung by her broad shoulders, held by a shiny badge.

“Well if it isn’t Commander Knucklehead!” Stacy said sarcastically.

“You look awfully cheeky, considering your position! Our scanners have detected only one person in the area. Where is your little, heroine friend?” the black haired woman said with a firm voice.

“I’m afraid she won’t be showing up! You’ll just have to deal with little old me” Stacy responded simply.

“How foolish! We can always spring another trap for her, but you will have to do for now. Besides, we still owe you for that little stunt you pulled last time!” the commander grinned. Two guards moved silently against the agent from behind, but she reacted instantly, landing a hard elbow on one of them, smashing through his headgear and knocking him out, before she evaded a swing from the other guard’s button, grabbing him by his arm and tossing him hard towards to more guards who stood nearby, knocking out all of them. Her hands moved swiftly towards her utility belt, pulling out her modified handgun, and one of her long buttons, as she took a battle stance.

“Now, which one of you boys and girls wants to step in for a dance? Come on, don’t be shy!” she said with a dangerously sweet smile, causing the henchmen to take a few uncertain steps backwards, as they shivered nervously.

“Get her!” the commander ordered sharply, causing some of the guards to step forward, after a few moments of hesitation.

“Here it goes!” Stacy thought, as she sprang into action, taking the fight to them.

A few blocks away Crimson let out a soft moan as she slowly stirred in her sitting position. Her eyes blinked a couple of times, before they slowly opened behind her mask, the redhead giving a little sigh as her blurry vision started to clear, revealing the night sky and the brightly lit city in the distance.

“What happened? Where am I? So, drowsy!” she mumbled, as she slowly got back on her feet, leaning on the nearby wall. Her mind was still foggy and she felt weary, but her potent healing factor was allowing her a quick recovery.

“Wait, Stacy! Where is she?” Crimson suddenly said, as she looked around but found now sighs of the blonde. She had now reached the point where she could stand on her own, her mind almost clear as the pleasant night breeze helped her to come to her senses even faster.

“I don’t understand! Why would she do that? Why would she put me to sleep? And where is she now? Wait, don’t tell me!” her eyes suddenly grew wide as realization hit her.

“No, that idiot! Why would you do that? Why go alone? I need to hurry!” Crimson yelled agitated, as jumped from the rooftop, activating her thruster boots.

“Please, be alright Stacy! I’m coming!” the heroine thought desperately, as she flew as fast as she could towards the area she was supposed to meet with the Crey enforcers.

A strong explosion was heard and several guards groaned loudly as they were knocked on the ground. Stacy panted and fell on her one knee, a tired grin on her dusty face. Her equipment had almost run out, her handgun had long been out of rounds, her hand grenades all used up except one last smoke grenade, one of her buttons had been busted, and her shocking darts were almost depleted. The battle had started to take its toll on the experienced agent. Fighting against multiple opponents, dodging their strikes with her amazing speed and reflexes, taking a few bumps along the way despite her increased durability, and landing heavy strikes of her own with her enhanced strength had exhausted her potent stamina reserves. Her healing factor was slowly helping her recover, but it was not fast enough and her enemies were multiple and relentless. But they were not without their losses. Over half of their force had been defeated, and several of those remaining were getting in cold feet in front of the tough agent.

“I have to compliment you on your fight! I did not expect you to present such resistance! Clearly I was mistaken. But it’s over now!” the black haired woman declared, her staying away from the heat of the battle.

“Heh, it looks like I’ve reached my limit! I expected as much” Stacy chuckled tiredly, as the Crey guards moved closer towards her, raising their guns.

“At least she is safe! That’s all that matters!” the blond agent thought, closing her eyes with a serene expression. Suddenly, loud grunts and yells escaped the guards, the distinct sound of whooshing blasts and humming gauntlets became evident, and Stacy heard the clicking of heels on the ground. Her eyes snapped open, and she noticed a tall redhead, clad in black and red standing in front of her, her arms raised.

“Crimson! You shouldn’t be here!” Stacy yelled.

“You are the one who shouldn’t have knocked me out! What were you thinking? How could you be so reckless?” Crimson shot back, looking over her shoulder.

“I was just, trying to protect you!” Stacy said, lowering her head.

“Then you should have helped me fight, not take them on by yourself! Do you think I would feel good, if you sacrificed yourself for me? Don’t you know me at all?” Crimson yelled angrily. Stacy remained silent for a moment and shook her head sadly.

“Of course you wouldn’t” she sighed, as she slowly stood up.

“I think we should take care of things here, first. We can argue about this later” she said calmly.

“Well, that’s the first reasonable thing you’ve said!” Crimson mumbled.

“It’s Crimson Dynamo! Get her you fools! Get them both!” the Crey commander roared as she attacked. The remaining henchmen attacked along with her, but a few of them were quickly taken out by more purple blasts and explosive dart shots. The heroine and the agent remained close to each other and worked together, Crimson charging completely refreshed and taking out most of the henchmen, as well as their commander, and Stacy providing support after recovering some of her stamina. The battle was fierce, but the two partners were able to overcome their opponents eventually.

“That takes care of them!” Crimson said, punching out the remaining guards.

“Finally!” Stacy sighed tiredly, resting her hands on her knees. Crimson turned towards her.

“Look, I appreciate what you tried to do! But don’t do it again! Next time you want to help, you can just ask me!” she said, with a lighter tone.

“You are right, I get it! Now let’s just get out of here” Stacy responded, as she stood up.

“You are not going anywhere!” a voice was suddenly heard, causing both of them to turn around. Their eyes grew wide, once they noticed the Crey commander aiming at them with a missile launcher, grinning evilly before she fired.

“WATCH OUT!” Crimson yelled, pushing Stacy before she leapt out of the way. But there wasn’t enough time for her to build a safe distance, and when the missile exploded the blast sent her flying several meters away, before she crashed on the ground.

“CRIMSON! NOOOOO!” Stacy yelled desperately, as she run as fast as she could and fell on the lying heroine.

“Please be okay! Please by okay!” she sobbed, as she turned on her back and tried to examine her. A few seconds of agony passed, and then the agent let a long sign of relief, finding the heroine’s pulse and hearing her soft breath.

“You are alive! You are still alive!” she mumbled with a choked voice, holding the unconscious heroine in her arms.

“She still lives? She’s pretty tenacious! And that suit of hers is really something! I can’t wait to get this technology on my hands!” the Crey commander almost growled, as she stepped closely towards them, picking a gun along the way. Stacy’s expression suddenly hardened.

“I’ll be right back, Sweetie! Just, give me a second” she whispered, as she let Crimson gently on the ground, before she stood up and turned around.

“What’s the matter, Ice Queen? Feeling angry? Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you are in nearby cells! So you can hear her screams! Now don’t move!” the Crey commander said spitefully as she raised the gun, standing only a few steps away from the agent. Stacy simply stared at her with an icy expression, then moved in an instant. The Crey commander couldn’t even blink, her evil grin turning into a painful snarl, as she cried out, her arm getting twisted in a painful way, before a punch crushed on her side. She doubled over and then fell on her knees, holding her hanging arm, as Stacy pointed the gun she was holding right between her eyes.

“Wait, don’t do it!” the black haired woman trembled cowardly. The agent glared with silent fury, before she lowered the gun.

“You owe your life to her! She wouldn’t pull the trigger!” she said calmly, before she hit the vile executive with the back of her hand, knocking her lights out. She then tossed the gun, and moved quickly towards the heroine.

“I’m so sorry, Crimson! It’s all my fault!” she whispered, as she kneeled down and lifted the redhead gently in her arms.

“But it’s all over now! And I promise you, I will take good care of you! Now, let’s leave this place!” she continued, holding the unconscious heroine firmly close to her, as she made her escape and headed to a nearby safe-house.

A Reckless Fight p.1
A nefarious trap is set against Crimson Dynamo form the devious Crey Corporation, and Stacy is faced with a hard choice!
Crimson Dynamo is a character of :iconcrimsonvlkyrie:
Stacy Williams is one of my own characters.
The story can also be found here…

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Bethany smiled, as she put more files on a folder, and checked her list on her laptop.

“All good here! How about things on your side, honey?” she said, looking towards bookcase of her office.

“I am almost done too! Everything is nice and tidy!” Stacy responded, putting some colorful envelopes on the shelves.

“It’s a little funny that you seem so energetic about it. Last time that I asked you to help me with organizing past cases and files, you were less than enthusiastic, to say the least” Bethany commented, with an amused expression.

“Well, I’m feeling extra motivated this time! It’s one of the few times that you don’t have any cases going on, so the faster we are done with paperwork, the better we’ll be able to enjoy our free evening! I can barely remember the last time we went out together, without it being part of a case or something” Stacy said enthusiastically.

“I get what you mean. I could really use some time off. And you seem to have something particular in mind” Bethany said, with a knowing look.

“There’s this night club where we could go. A few drinks, some dancing on the stage, and then, who knows?” the blond winked.

“Sounds like fun!” Bethany smiled, checking another closed file on her laptop, when her phone suddenly rang.

“I’m hearing you, May!” the brunette said, turning on the speaker from her phone.

“We have a call from the police department. They say that there has been an, usual break in at the museum, and they need you to look into it” May’s voice came from the speaker.

“An unusual break in?” Bethany raised her eyebrows in wonder, as Stacy frowned.

“There goes our fun night!” she mumbled.

“Good evening, commissioner!” Bethany greeted, as the two young women arrived at the city’s history museum.

“Miss Hunter! Thank you for arriving at such short notice! Your assistance will be most appreciated” the grey haired official said, before his eyes felt on the blond woman.

“This is Stacy Williams! She is an acquaintance of mine, and someone who can help with the case” Bethany made the introductions.

“Pleased to meet to you, sir” Stacy said politely.

“The pleasure is mine, miss Williams! Any additional help will be welcome, in this peculiar case” the grey haired man nodded.

“Commissioner, why is this case so strange? What exactly happened?” the detective asked.

“I’ll explain you at once, miss Hunter! Please, follow me inside” the commissioner said, as they walked inside the museum.

“Last night, one of the museum’s most valuable artifacts was stolen. A sword belonging to a general from the Civil War Era” the gray haired man began his explanation.

“An exhibit like that can get a really high price in black market. Makes for a good target” Stacy said thoughtfully.

“Since the artifact itself is valuable, I guess it has something to do with the way the break in was executed?” Bethany deducted.

“You are both correct. The way the break in was carried out is indeed unusual. Allow me to show you in the security cameras” the commissioner said.

“The security cameras? You mean, you have the perpetrator on tape? He didn’t disable the security system?” Bethany asked with a confused expression, as Stacy looked surprised as well.

“From the looks of things, he didn’t need to. And the alarm went off, but he had already disappeared. Quite literally, it appears” the middle aged man said.

“Quite literally?” Stacy wondered.

“Any witnesses on the scene?” Bethany said.

“The only ones who were at the museum at that hour were the museum’s security guards and the janitor. The janitor claims that he actually saw the perpetrator, and that he was a ghost! The ghost of the general that the sword belonged to. He was so panicked and livid that he hid into the room with brooms and the buckets, and the security guards could hardly calm him down” the commissioner responded.

“A ghost you say? Looks farfetched, but I wouldn’t totally rule it out. I’ve had some, unusual experiences, before. I would like to talk to this janitor” the detective responded thought fully.

“He’s not here. He was so panicked after this ordeal, that the museum gave him the day off” the commissioner said.

“I’ve seen some strange things before too, but a ghost that reclaims its former belongings? Seems to me like that janitor is your guy!” Stacy said.

“That’s what we thought at first, until we checked the security cameras. Inside here, please” the middle aged man made a gesture with his arm, before they got inside the security room of the museum, where two young guards were already waiting.

“These two gentlemen were in charge of the monitors last night. They will show you the footage from the heist, just as they witnessed it, and just like we saw it this morning” the commissioner said, as he nodded at one of the night guards.

“Right away, sir!” the young man said nervously, as he turned towards the monitor, and Bethany noticed that both of the guards looked extremely pale and unsettled.

“This is the footage from last night” the other guard said, as the detective and the agent leaned towards the monitor. The screen showed the sword just sitting inside its glass case. When suddenly, an elder man with long hair and beard, dressed like a general of the civil war appeared form inside a side wall. Bethany’s eyes widened as she saw the general put his hand through the glass case and pulling the sword right through it, leaving in completely intact and then disappeared, literally phasing through the same wall he came from.

“Okay, what’s just happened?” Stacy said, with a puzzled expression.

“Are there any other shots of this, ghost?” Bethany said slowly, stunned as well.

“We only have some brief shots of it in other wings of the museum, running through the walls like in this footage. If anything, the more we see it, the more confusing this whole case is becoming. We didn’t want this news to go public and cause panic, and we are totally stuck on this one. That’s why we require your assistance, miss Hunter. Perhaps, you could solve this, unusual case” the commissioner said, rubbing his forehead.

“I see. I’d like to take a look at the scene and search for more clues, sir” Bethany said.

“Of course. Follow me, I’ll take you there” the gray haired man nodded in agreement as he got out of the room, followed by the two young women.

“Here we are. Feel free to move around, miss Hunter, and I need to check for any updates with my men. Ladies” the commissioner nodded in greeting, as he moved towards the rest of the officers.

“Okay then, let’s see what we got here” Bethany said, as the two women walked towards the now empty glass case.

“It’s completely intact! Now cracks, no cutting marks, or even signs that it was cut and then glued back. It looks like it hasn’t even moved” Stacy commented, taking a close look.

“It’s just like the footage showed. Our ghost literally phased through the glass and pulled the sword. But I’m certain that there has to be more to this! Let’s spread out and look for more clues!” the brown haired detective suggested.

“Got it!” Stacy nodded in agreement, as the two of them spread over the hall.

“This is the wall that the ghost phased through in the footage. It is completely solid. No windows either, but this is not surprising. This is an inner wall, which means that there is another room on the other side” Bethany thought, as she searched the sturdy wall with her fingertips, looking for any signs of marks, or any clues that her eyes might have missed.

“Miss Hunter?” Bethany suddenly heard a timid voice near her, causing her to turn around. She noticed a rather good looking female officer standing near her, her dark brown, bob cut hair framing her pretty face, as she almost avoided Bethany’s stare.

“Yes? How may I help you?” the detective asked, with a kind smile.

“Actually, I was wondering if I could help you. I mean, if I could provide you with any further evidence that you might need, not with the actual investigation. I don’t think I could be of any help with searching hidden clues and stuff. I can deal with normal cases, but this one is rather, spooky!” the brown haired officer said, slightly shivering.

“I understand what you mean. It is rather unusual, but no need to be afraid. I’m pretty certain that it’s some sort of elaborate heist, rather than something actually supernatural. I just need to piece it together!” Bethany declared with confidence.

“As expected from you, miss Hunter! I’m sure you’ll have this all figured out by the end of the day!” the brown haired woman smiled with lifted spirit, as Bethany smiled back.

“Beth!” Stacy’s voice came from near the floor.

“Excuse me” Bethany said lightly, before she walked towards her partner.

“Did you find something?” she asked, kneeling next to her.

“Look at that. Do ghosts leave footmarks on the floor?” Stacy said with a low voice, pointing at a rather evident white footmark in front of them.

“Sometimes they do leave trails, but it usually takes special equipment to see it. This is a good lead! Especially if you take a better look at it!” Bethany responded with a smile, as she leaned closer.

“You noticed, didn’t you?” Stacy smirked, as Bethany took out her cellphone.

“Need to take a picture of this and sent it to May. I’m sure she’ll come up with something really interesting” Bethany took a picture with her cellphone and sent it with a text attached, before they both got on their feet and walked towards the small group of officers.

“Any leads, miss Hunter?” the gray haired man asked.

“There is something, but we need to watch all the footage from the ghost from last night, commissioner” Bethany responded, in a professional tone.

“Of course! Show miss Hunter and miss Williams back to the security room, and leave them to do their investigation” the commissioner instructed one of his officers, who gave a small nod. Once they got into the security room again, the two security guards rolled the footage, and then at Bethany’s request, they left the room.

“For an old general, he is pretty fast!” Stacy commented, as the two women watched the monitors with close attention.

“Indeed, and that only confirms my suspicions! As a ghost, he could fly away or simply vanish. But all he did, was running through walls. And there are the footmarks that we saw earlier. It wasn’t evident at once, but with a closer look, you could notice the firm of the shoes on the soles” Bethany presented her evidence.

“I don’t think they had shoe firms back in that time. In fact, I think I read in some history book that high ranked officers had their boots custom made, so it would fit only them” Stacy rubbed her chin, thoughtfully.

“Exactly. Add all this, and we have just a guy in a Halloween costume, posing as our ghost! I think I even have a suspect. Although, there is still one issue. How could he run through solid walls, and grab the sword through the glass case?” Bethany said folding her arms, deep in thought.

“I wonder” Stacy mumbled.

“Something on your mind?” Bethany asked, looking towards her with interest.

“I remembered something, a previous mission not too long ago. We were supposed to apprehend a rogue scientist, a chemistry expert, among other things. We had information that recently the scientist had developed some sort of special serum that could change the density of any solid material, allowing an individual to phase through it, as if it was completely transparent. We got close, but we couldn’t apprehend the scientist, or find any evidence of that serum, and we’ve lost any solid tracks since then. I wonder if there is any connection with our ghost here” the agent said.

“There could be a possibility, but we do not have any evidence about something like this. Still, the existence of such a serum does verify our suspicions, and gives a good direction about our next move” Bethany deducted as her phone rang.

“Found anything, May?” the detective asked, once she answered her phone.

“Really? That’s great! Thank you, hon! Yeah, I don’t know what I would do without you!” she smiled, before she put her cellphone away.

“I take it your talented sister found something?” Stacy chuckled.

“Of course she did! We have the address of the wardrobe store where our “ghost” rented his boots, and probably the rest of his suit! I just need some information about the museum’s stuff, and then we are off to the wardrobe store” the brown haired detective said.

“You suspect it’s someone from the museum’s stuff?” Stacy said.

“I’m almost certain! From the footage we see that it’s someone who’s very familiar with the rooms of the museum. He knew exactly his target, he knew the quickest ways to take, he knew how long it would take for the security to respond, and he even knew which rooms didn’t have any cameras” Bethany responded.

“So, you think it’s the janitor after all” Stacy guessed, as the detective nodded. “He was found locked in the room with the brooms. There are no cameras in the room with the cleaning products, so it’s not random that he was found there. He would have plenty of time to change, and then act all panicked, talk about ghosts so he would get dismissed and even get a day off. I still can’t tell how he would be able to get his hands on some super-secret serum, but this is the beast lead we have. We can figure this out after we pay him a visit, and question him” Bethany said with certainty.

“Good points! Let’s see if we get a matching description at the wardrobe store where the outfit was rented from” the blonde agent said, as the two women made their way in the city.

“Looks like our suspect was wearing shades and a hat, but this shady attitude only makes me more certain! I think it’s time to drop by his place” Bethany said, after the two women got out of the wardrobe store. Stacy nodded but took a quick glance behind her with a suspicious look.

“Everything okay?” the brunette asked, noticing her expression.

“Yeah, I was just thinking about the case” Stacy responded vaguely, causing Bethany to raise an eyebrow, before the blond’s cellphone buzzed.

“Looks like I have a text” she said as she took out her phone, her expression changing into a frown while she checked her message.

“What is it?” Bethany said.

“Something came up. It’s not really serious, but I need to take care of it now. I’m afraid I won’t be able to come with you. I’m so sorry” Stacy said, before she looked up with an apologetic expression.

“It’s okay! Do what you have to do” Bethany responded lightly.

“Will you be okay?” Stacy said.

“Yeah, no need to worry! I’ll be fine! I’ve dealt with much tougher situations!” Bethany smiled with confidence.

“Just, be careful! Don’t forget, there might be more to this case” Stacy put her hand on Bethany’s shoulder, a hint of worry evident in her voice.

“I will be. See you this evening?” Bethany said soothingly.

“Of course, I’ll be done by then! Hopefully, you’ll have this thing wrapped up as well! Good luck!” Stacy said, giving her partner a soft kiss on her cheek.

“You too, hon!” Bethany smiled, as she watched Stacy walk away.

“Okay, now back to work” the detective said to herself, before she made her way quickly towards the suspect’s residence. Once she reached her destination, she took a quick glance around her, suddenly having the feeling that she was being watched. There seemed to be nobody around, so she pondered her next course of action. Should she knock on the door, or sneak into the house? Her evidence seemed pretty solid, but since Bethany had decided to question her suspect, she decided that it would be better if she was more direct, so she knocked on the door.

“No response. I guess I’ll have to be sneaky anyway” Bethany sighed, as she easily cracked her door open and walked inside.

“Looks like this place has an upper floor too. Okay, better be quick about it” she thought, scanning around the living room, and looking for anything out of place. Her eyes quickly fell on a small pile on the sofa and Bethany moved towards it. A small smile was formed on her lips, as under some sheets she found the Halloween costume of a general.

“Found you! And look at that, hidden sprayers inside the sleeves. I’m not sure it is the same serum that Stacy was talking about, but it was obviously something that allowed him to phase through solid material. Now, where is that sword? And if I could find that serum too, even better” the detective thought, as she took another look around. Having found nothing else, Bethany walked towards the stairs and got to the upper floor. She walked into one of the bedrooms, and her attention was drawn by a wooden, elongate box. Bethany stepped towards the wooden box and opened it, smiling with satisfaction once she looked inside, finding the lost sword within the wooden case.

“Here it is!” she said.

“Congratulations! Here’s your reward!” a low voice was suddenly heard, and Bethany gasped in surprise as she felt a tight grip on her wrist pulling her hand behind her back, while a white cloth was clamped over her face, smothering her lips and nose as she was pulled backwards.

“No! How did this happen? How could that old man sneak up on me? Wait, that’s someone different! A woman?” Bethany thought with a mix of shock and panic, her hand grabbing instantly the hand that pressed the cloth on her face, as she felt the familiar sensation of firm breasts pressing against her back.

“Hmmmphf!” the brunette groaned as she struggled furiously, but her earlier gasp had already caused her to take a deep breath of the potent fumes, the familiar sweet scent of chloroform already filling her nostrils, while her assailant kept her grip firm.

“You are a feisty one! And so pretty! This makes it so fun to put you to sleep!” Bethany heard a soft, female voice whisper near her ear. Her eyes suddenly went wide in surprise, as she suddenly felt a pair of warm lips trailing soft, teasing kisses over her soft neck, before they landed on the nap of her neck and sucked hard. At the same time she felt her assailant press her body against her, holding her arm trapped between their bodies, and allowing the mysterious woman to move her free hand from her toned stomach to her ample breasts, giving a firm squeeze.

“Ummmff!” an involuntary muffled moan escaped the detective’s lips, unable to resist the unexpected sensual assault, but that only caused to her to take another big dose of the potent fumes to flood her senses. Her sharp minded was clouded, her eyelids felt heavy, and her entire body started to relax.

“That’s it! Relax, my pretty! Just go to sleep! The fun part comes after!” the mysterious woman chuckled, as Bethany’s struggles grew weaker. Her arm hung limply on her side, her eyes fluttered as she struggled to keep them opened, before they rolled back, and she slowly faded to a relaxing slumber, succumbing to the heavy fumes.

Bethany slowly shook her head, feeling an intense, pleasant scent filling her nostrils. Her mind was still fuzzy, and it took her a few moments to remember what happened. She tried to move her arms and legs, but she was not surprised to find out that she was all tied up, her wrists bound snuggly together as they rested on her stomach, while her legs were bound as well. Bethany opened her eyes, and noticed a young woman with dark brown, bob cut hairstyle smiling at her.

“Finally, you’re up! You were taking too long to wake on your own, so I decided to speed things up a little!” she said lightly, as she put a small, golden perfume on a nearby table.

“You! You are that police officer!” Bethany exclaimed surprised, before she noticed a middle aged man with brown hair and a mustache standing further behind.

“I expected that the police will look for someone more capable to solve the ghost case, and I wanted to see for myself who that would be. I have to say to say, I was more than happy when you turned up!” the brown haired woman said, her grin barely reminding the timid girl that talked to her at the museum.

“Really now? And I’m guessing that short man over there is our ghost” Bethany said calmly.

“You can laugh all you want miss Hunter, but I’m pretty sure you thought I was a ghost at first too. If only I was more careful with those boots” the middle aged man said.

“You would still be wondering how they found you, if I hadn’t pointed out your blunter” the brown haired girl said simply.

“So, would you mind explaining your involvement in all this? I doubt you were simply curious. And perhaps, you could share a name” Bethany said, as she eyed her assailant carefully. Her police uniform had been replaced by a rather simple outfit, a tight black tank top with matching black tights which perfectly accentuated her curvy frame, and a leather belt around her trim waist.

“You wish to get to know me better? How nice of you! I suppose my involvement in all this seems a little out of place, at first glance. You see miss Hunter, I represent a client. Someone who would prefer to remain anonymous, and wanted to test one of their newest, products. This special serum, which changes the density of any solid material, and allows one to move through it, as if it was completely transparent” the dark haired woman said, as she raised another small bottle, with a light blue liquid inside.

“This serum! There’s no doubt, it’s the same that Stacy was talking about! So her client, it must be the same scientist!” Bethany thought, her eyes fixed on the small bottle.

“It got your attention, didn’t it? Unfortunately, there’s a small disadvantage to it. It evaporates very quickly so its effects last only for a few seconds, but it’s still pretty amazing” the brown haired woman said, as she slowly poured the serum on the ground, the blue liquid quickly evaporating after a few seconds. Bethany frowned, she hoped that she could get a sample of that serum, but she could rule that possibility out. Not to mention, she still had no way out.

“I did a little research and found a volunteer for our test. Of course, we needed to add some theatricality for our little stunt, and the idea of the ghost seemed fitting” the brown haired girl finished her explanation.

“I am pretty knowledgeable about history, and my disguise matched the same age as the sword I took. I used their special serum, and they were going to help me find a good buyer for it” the middle aged man said.

“So, these are the blank spots in your case, miss Hunter! As for my name, you can call me mistress Anna! Or simply Mistress. And now, we can get better acquainted!” the brown haired woman said.

“Better acquainted?” Bethany said slowly.

“You! Go down and watch the door! And don’t even think about coming here! If something comes up, knock! Now get out!” mistress Anna said sharply, looking behind her shoulder towards the middle aged man. The janitor gave her a nervous look and left the room quickly, shutting the door behind him. Miss Anna then turned her eyes towards the tied detective who was lying in a comfortable armchair, and simply smiled, as she moved slowly towards her.

“Finally some privacy! I’ve been waiting for this moment since I saw you at the museum, miss Hunter!” she said, taking a seat next to the brunette.

“Wait! What are you doing?” Bethany stammered, raising her bound hands, as mistress Anna’s hand rest on her pantyhose covered thigh.

“No need to get nervous! I know how to take good care of classy, beautiful ladies like yourself, miss Hunter! You already got a good idea, when I put you to sleep earlier!” the dark haired woman whispered teasingly, wrapping her other arm around the detective’s shoulders. Bethany felt a slight shiver run through her spine, as she remembered her captor’s sudden advances when she ambushed her earlier. She tried to talk, but her protests were muffled by a sudden kiss, as mistress Anna closed the distance between them. As small moan escaped Bethany’s lips, as she was kissed aggressively, passionately, and yet surprisingly tenderly. After a few long moments, mistress Anna slowly pulled away, allowing the brunette to catch her breath.

“Such a nice, firm tushy!” she teased, moving her hand around Bethany and groping her firm bottom. The detective felt completely trapped, all tied up and with her assailant having her arms wrapped around her, and holding her possessively. Still, she couldn’t help but notice that her captor was rather attractive, and she surely knew how to get her all excited.

“I remember this beautiful neck! I couldn’t wait to taste it again!” mistress Anna whispered, as she started trailing soft, teasing kisses all over Bethany’s lovely neck as she did earlier, sending jolts of ecstasy over the brunette’s aroused body.

“No, wait! Please! Aaaaah!” Bethany’s weak protests turned into heavy moans, as her captor kissed her harder, licking and sucking the nap of her neck and even lightly biting down, her one hand wrapped firmly around her shoulders, while the other one kept rubbing and groping her rear. Having her most sensitive spots assaulted so intensely was too much for Bethany, who felt her entire body be on fire, while a warm tingling spread towards her nether regions. Mistress Anna silenced her moans with more sizzling kisses, her hands teasingly caressing her body, before they moved to undo the buttons of her white shirt, and lower the zip on her black skirt, exposing her sexy black lingerie.

“I have done my research on you, Bethany Hunter! About all your successful cases! And the stories do you justice, my dear! Not only about wits, but also about your spectacular beauty! I am not letting you go, miss Hunter! I will make you mine!” mistress Anna said with confidence, as she stared intensely with her blue eyes in Bethany’s brown orbs.

“Mistress Anna! Oooooh!” Bethany moaned weakly, causing her assailant to smile in satisfaction. Mistress Anna moved closer and smothered Bethany’s exposed body with a torrent of kisses. Her neck, her shoulders, her collarbone, her still covered breasts, her toned stomach, every part that her warm lips landed left a burning sensation on the detective’s quivering body. Bethany felt her arms move above her head, as mistress Anna held her tied hands firmly with one hand, and then let out a sharp breath, as her captor pulled her bra down, exposing her ample breasts, her hardened nubs providing tempting targets for her sensual assault.

“Aaaahh!” Bethany panted, feeling her erect nipple getting devoured by hungry lips, as she was kissed, licked and sucked hard, while her other breast was kneaded and fondled roughly, her erect nipple getting pinched and tweaked between dexterous fingers. Mistress Anna spent several long minutes enjoying the moaning detective’s firm breasts, almost driving her over the edge, before she suddenly pulled away. Bethany let out a soft whimper, followed by a hard gasp, as a hand slipped under her drenched panties.

“Time to be mine, my pretty!” mistress Anna whispered, causing Bethany to gasp, as she felt a finger slip between her silky folds. Jolts of electricity shot through her spine, her entire body shivered uncontrollably, as mistress Anna began slowly teasing her, then inserted one more finger and increased her pace, completely dominating her.

“Aaaaah! Haaaaaaaaah! Ooooooooooooooooh! I can’t… Ooooh!” Bethany moaned and whimpered, her body buckling, writhing and shaking without restrain, until it tensed and arched intensely, a long hard moan escaping her lips as she reached her peak hard, exploding inside her skirt, her sweet juices flooding like a torrent, soaking her lace panties and almost reaching her pantyhose. Bethany felt limp back on the armchair panting heavily, as mistress Anna allowed her hands to rest on her heaving chest, and gave a soft kiss on her lips.

“That was really fun, my pretty! But don’t think you have tricked me yet” she said teasingly.

“Tricked you? What, what do you mean?” Bethany mumbled, slowly opening her eyes.

“As I said, I have done my research on you, dear Bethany! And from the things I have learned, I think that you are not that easy to seduce! You are smart, you have a strong will, you are tough! You don’t surrender easy! This could all have been just an act. Or actually, you realized that you have no way out, so you went along with it. But, you weren’t really conquered. Not yet. This however, will change! Once I get you somewhere more private, restrain you properly, and have all the time I need, then your real seduction will begin! Your real, sweet surrender!” mistress Anna whispered, emphasizing her last words as she stared directly at the weary brunette beneath her. Bethany shivered, feeling for the first time since her capture some actual hints of worry. Her captor had seen though her, and she was not going to give her any openings.

“Looks like you have everything planned! Except for the backup, that is!” a familiar voice was suddenly heard, causing the brown haired woman to turn around with a surprised expression, and Bethany to let out a sigh of relief.

“You! I didn’t expect that you would appear so quickly! I thought something that come up” mistress Anna said, slowly regaining her cool, as Stacy walked in the room.

“Something had indeed come up! I suspected that someone had been following us since we left the museum, and I became more certain after we left the wardrobe store! So I had to leave the scene, and track down whoever had been tracking us! It wasn’t easy keeping up with you, but looks like I arrived just in time!” the blond said.

“Well, you did arrive shortly before we departed, so you were just in time. But it makes little difference. I’ll just take you down, and leave with two prizes, instead of one!” mistress Anna declared, as she got up from the armchair and turned her attention to the agent.

“Well, aren’t you a cocky one?” Stacy chuckled.

“You’ll soon see why!” mistress Anna said, reaching for her belt. However, a surprised yelp escaped her lips as Bethany suddenly lunged at her, putting her bound wrists around her neck and pulling her backwards, holding her in a ckokehold with her binds.

“You were right! I don’t surrender easy!” Bethany said, as she increased her pressure.

“Ugh! Heh, well played miss Hunter! Well, played” mistress Anna panted with a small laugh, before she slowly faded. Bethany let out a heavy sigh, pushing the unconscious woman and resting back on the armchair, as Stacy ran towards her.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” she said worriedly.

“I’m fine! Just a little, winded! Actually, I need a cold bath!” Bethany mumbled tiredly, as Stacy untied her.

“I can see that. Good thing I arrived when I did! Looks like you two had a lot of fun!” Stacy chuckled, as Bethany punched her in her arm.

“Well, I can’t deny that it wasn’t. Where’s the old man?” she said.

“Down and out. And the police are on its way. Better fix you up before they arrived” Stacy responded.

“I need to ask you, though. If you knew that we were being followed, why didn’t you say something before you left?” Bethany asked.

“Well, I couldn’t be more direct in case she was hearing us with headset. And from her comment, that’s what she did. I did try to warm you though, subtly” Stacy responded, with an apologetic expression.

“Perhaps a little too subtly. It’s okay though, everyone turned out okay. I knew that you had my back!” Bethany smiled.

“Of course, sweetie! Always!” Stacy said with a fond expression, as she held her partner in a loving embrace, nuzzling her neck softly.

Bethany sat down on her comfortable couch in her high rise condo, stretching casually in her bath robes.

“I know you had plans for a night out Stacy, but I’m too tired for that. Perhaps tomorrow” she said with a small smile.

“It’s okay Beth! We can still have a lot fun here! Stacy’s voice came from the kitchen, before she walked into the living room with a cheerful smile, holding a bottle and two crystal glasses.

“Some wine is all we need to unwind!” she said lightly, as she put the glasses on the coffee table and opened the bottle.

“Sounds good!” Bethany smiled as well, as Stacy gave her one of the now filled glasses, before she sat next to her.

“And after our drink, I can spend the rest of the night taking care of your tired body! Giving you a nice massage, and making you completely relaxed!” the blond said with a mischievous smirk, leaning closer to her partner.

“Sound’s even better!” Bethany said, taking a sip from her wine. The two partners stared each other for a moment, before they both put their glasses on the table and held each other in a loving embrace, their soft lips locked in a passionate make out session, losing themselves in the warm night.

Mystery at the Museum
Bethany and Stacy take on a mysterious case in Fortune City's history museum. My entrance for :iconbethanyhunter:'s Spring contest!
The contest can be found here…
Bethany Hunter is a character of :iconbethanyhunter:
Stacy Williams is one of my own characters.
I got tagged by :iconsoolz: and, apparently, :iconrenderpretender:, so I thought I'll give this a go.

1- Post these rules.
2- Post 8 facts about your character.
3- Tag 8 other characters.
4- Post their names along with their creators' avatars.
Since most have already been tagged, and some of them more than once, there's not really a reason to tag anyone else.

So, here are the fun facts.

    1.     Serena has been around for centuries thanks to an immortality spell she did long ago, which caused her to stop aging. However, a fierce encounter with a fellow witch soon after, caused her to fall into a magic slumber for a long time.

    2.     She has a variety of magical abilities, including shooting arcane bolts and powerful blasts, elemental magic, most notably fire and electricity magic, binding magic, teleport, telekinesis, the ability to drain energy, and her favourite, seduction magic.

    3.     Her magic also gives her enhanced strength, to the point where she can block a strike from an Amazon, but not actually exchange blows with one.

    4.     She usually tries to avoid needless combat, but she is more than willing to pound her opponent to submission, if she’s too stubborn.

    5.     Serena is usually kind and smooth talking, but has a harder side for those who provoke her anger.

    6.     She has been given other names like The Witch of the Forest, the Sorceress of the Woods, and the Purple Enchantress. Few know her with her actual name.

    7.     She has a special interest in Amazons, and after she woke from her slumber during the modern age, she has a growing interest in other heroines too.

    8.     Serena claims that her seduction magic doesn’t cause her victims to fall under her control, it just greatly amplifies their already existing desires and sensations caused by her ministrations. It’s all part of her mind games in order to dominate her captured heroine, cause her to admit her own hidden desires, and fully submit to her.


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