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A Birthday Surprise for Nocturne
Nocturne moved casually on the side, dodging the charging thug with ease and causing him to nearly fall on the ground.
“Stop moving, damn it!” the thug yelled angrily, as he moved against the heroine once again.
“As you wish” Nocturne responded simply, without moving from her position. Instead she landed a hard on the thug’s chin, knocking his lights out.
“So, which one of you boys is next?” the visor wearing heroine said with a calm expression, turning towards the remaining thugs who stepped backwards nervously. It was another night of patrol for the Mistress of the Night, the brown haired heroine leaping over the rooftops of Fortune City as she watched over her large city. The thugs who currently backed away from the fierce heroine were in the middle of busting a jewelry store, until a smartass remark interrupted them and caused them to turn around, only to face to face with the Mistress of the Night herself. The first thug who overcame his s
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Mature content
Batwoman meets Serena :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 3 7
Mature content
Fightgirl's Rough Night :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 8 11
Mature content
A Reckless Fight p.3 :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 2 3
Mature content
A Reckless Fight p.2 :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 1 4
The Witch - Story Index

Serena the Witch - Story Index
A random event causes Serena to awake after centuries of magical slumber, and she encounters a young Amazon.
The Witch of the Forest
Serena pays a rather intimate visit to Lynn Wonders, the same Amazon that she met after her awakening.
Serena's Visit
Serena faces Curia, the mighty Wonder Woman, in a fierce battle.
The Witch and the Amazon
The Witch and the Amazon p.2
Lynn tries to rescue the captive Curia from the seductive wi
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The Hitgirl - Story Index

Stacy the Hitgirl - Story Index
Stories with Crimson Dynamo
Stacy takes on a secret mission in Paragon City and encounters the famed Crimson Dynamo
A Crimson Encounter p.1
A Crimson Encounter p.2
A Crimson Encounter p.3
A Crimson Encounter p.4
Stacy founds a plot against her new ally, and makes a reckless decision to protect her. 
A Reckless Fight p.1
A Reckless Fight p.2
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A Reckless Fight p.1
Tiffany Johnson made her way casually in the streets of Paragon City. The red haired scientist had decided to leave her research lab for a while, and enjoy the pleasantly sunny day with a nice cup of green ice tea. Tiffany strolled down the sidewalk, stopping once in a while to take a look at the store windows, her attention being drawn to a particularly fashionable pair of black, leather, high heeled boots.
“These look nice! Perhaps I should try them on!” she thought with a small smile, as she turned around and started to head inside the store . Still distracted, she didn’t notice a young woman that walked behind her, and nearly collided with her.
“Ugh! Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Tiffany said hastily with an apologetic expression, holding her cup in a precarious position.
“It’s okay! I got a little careless too!” the young woman laughed lightly, dusting herself, as Tiffany’s eyes momentarily
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Mature content
Mystery at the Museum :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 5 12
Star Girl by bob-warden Star Girl :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 3 2
Mature content
A Darker Shade of Pink :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 4 13
Mature content
A Crimson Encounter p.4 :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 2 4
A Crimson Encounter p.3
Night had fallen over Paragon City, as two figures moved towards a remote location on the outskirts of the city. One of them was a blond, young woman, dressed in a black tight catsuit that fit her athletic body snuggle, highlighting her curvy figure, her knee high, high heeled boots lightly clicking on the ground. The other was slightly taller, her long, red hair draping over her strong shoulders, her curvaceous figure clad in a skintight, slick, black bodysuit, and a short red skirt, a pair of thigh high boots showed of her long legs, while a red domino mask framed her pretty face. The blond woman held her tightly by her arm, seemingly leading them ahead, as the heroine simply followed her with lowered head, her wrists bound behind her back, her lips covered by a cloth gag. The two women continued their way for a while longer, until they reached what appeared to be a large, abandoned warehouse, ignoring the warning sign on the fence around it. They stood in front of the heavy doors, t
:iconbob-warden:bob-warden 3 5
Mature content
A Crimson Encounter p.2 :iconbob-warden:bob-warden 4 10
A Crimson Encounter p.1
Crimson  Dynamo raised her fists in a battle stance, her eyes narrowing behind her red, domino mask, her heightened senses staying alert. What was shaping out to be a relatively calm night, with only a few minor incidents with some random muggers, had just gotten more unexpected. The red haired heroine had been patrolling around Paragon City, jumping through rooftops, and occasionally using her knee high, high tech boots to get a better view, when she felt as if someone was following her, hidden in the shadows. Crimson continued her patrol for a few drops and after confirming her suspicions that someone was indeed following her, she decided to simply confront them and turned around, boldly calling them out. She was quite surprised however, when her pursuer appeared in front of her. A young woman with straight, short, blond hair that barely reached her shoulders, clad in a tight, black catsuit that highlighted her curvaceous form, and matching black, knee high, high heeled boo
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The Cat and the Bat p.2
Nights are rarely calm in Gotham City. When one or more of the city’s several super villains isn’t up to any good, there would always be some of the many thugs or criminal gangs that would cause mayhem. Batgirl had learned that well, as she flip backwards, avoiding a strike from a thug’s steel pipe. The young heroine had stumbled at yet another hit, this time on a bank, from a gang that had now surrounded her.
“We got her now! Let’s show this little bat not to stick her nose in other people’s business!” a pipe wielding thug said roughly, swinging the hard object in a menacing way.
“I can’t wait to get my hands on her! This will be so much fun!” another thug said, staring at her with a dirty look, and rubbing his big hands in anticipation. Batgirl simply looked around her with an almost bored look.
“Don’t you people ever learn?” she casually said, as the gang members attacked at the same time. The masked heroi
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Usagi and Setsuna by Cloveras Usagi and Setsuna :iconcloveras:Cloveras 226 34 Comm: Ami and Michiru by Cloveras Comm: Ami and Michiru :iconcloveras:Cloveras 343 45 The Morrigan Woodland Rogue (Patreon reward) by Sciamano240 The Morrigan Woodland Rogue (Patreon reward) :iconsciamano240:Sciamano240 1,047 47 Tifa - Final Fantasy 7 (2 versions) by Sciamano240 Tifa - Final Fantasy 7 (2 versions) :iconsciamano240:Sciamano240 1,804 62 Dark Magician Girl by sakimichan Dark Magician Girl :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 16,803 340 05 Sailor MOON by FranciscoETCHART 05 Sailor MOON :iconfranciscoetchart:FranciscoETCHART 952 103 Sailor Neptune by magion02 Sailor Neptune :iconmagion02:magion02 1,465 62 Sailor Uranus by magion02 Sailor Uranus :iconmagion02:magion02 1,652 45 Makoto (screen redraw) by Prywinko Makoto (screen redraw) :iconprywinko:Prywinko 1,126 54 Braveheart by Quirkilicious Braveheart :iconquirkilicious:Quirkilicious 2,535 81 Wargreymon Metalgarurumon by PathOfDawn Wargreymon Metalgarurumon :iconpathofdawn:PathOfDawn 53 9 Reflection Of The Old One by Meraence Reflection Of The Old One :iconmeraence:Meraence 282 25 Juvia Lockser by SirensReverie Juvia Lockser :iconsirensreverie:SirensReverie 188 29 Fairy tail by Prywinko Fairy tail :iconprywinko:Prywinko 1,144 37 Overwatch Cosplay Tracer - Merry Christmas! by fenixfatalist Overwatch Cosplay Tracer - Merry Christmas! :iconfenixfatalist:fenixfatalist 2,860 416 Final Fantasy VII - Tifa Lockhart by KiraHokuten Final Fantasy VII - Tifa Lockhart :iconkirahokuten:KiraHokuten 3,172 169


Nocturne moved casually on the side, dodging the charging thug with ease and causing him to nearly fall on the ground.

“Stop moving, damn it!” the thug yelled angrily, as he moved against the heroine once again.

“As you wish” Nocturne responded simply, without moving from her position. Instead she landed a hard on the thug’s chin, knocking his lights out.

“So, which one of you boys is next?” the visor wearing heroine said with a calm expression, turning towards the remaining thugs who stepped backwards nervously. It was another night of patrol for the Mistress of the Night, the brown haired heroine leaping over the rooftops of Fortune City as she watched over her large city. The thugs who currently backed away from the fierce heroine were in the middle of busting a jewelry store, until a smartass remark interrupted them and caused them to turn around, only to face to face with the Mistress of the Night herself. The first thug who overcame his shock jumped rashly towards the heroine, only to get knocked out with a kick to his chin from Nocturne’s sexy boots.

“Come on guys! She’s only one and there are still three of us! Let’s get her!” one of the thugs yelled, causing the other two to nod in agreement. The thugs then all attacked the dark haired heroine at the same time, who simply shook her head disapprovingly.

“Why do they always have to attack? Can’t they just simply surrender for once?” Nocturne mumbled, dodging a swing from a steel pipe. A few moments later, the thugs were all knocked out and tied together and Nocturne was leaving the scene while police sirens were approaching. Nocturne swung with her grappling hook, her long brown hair flowing as she enjoyed the pleasant breeze on her beautiful face, before she landed on a rooftop.

“Well, this has been a relatively calm night! Nothing but a few random thugs and busting an arm’s deal between gangs! Perhaps I can call the night a little earlier this time” Nocturne said with a small smile, as she checked her interface of her visor.

“Nothing major happening in the city. And look at this; it’s already one past midnight. Happy birthday to me” the dark haired heroine mumbled. Nocturne was about to head towards her penthouse to get a nice, hot bath and a relaxing sleep, but she was surprised to see an incoming message flashing on the side of her visor’s interface.

“Who’s this?” Nocturne said with a firm voice, activating her communication earpiece.

“Do not be alarmed Nocturne. I know that you are wondering how I was able to send a message directly to your frequency, but I assure you I am not your enemy. I just wish to meet you because I need your help with something. Something precious that has been taken from me. I will send you the coordinates of our meeting. I know that a heroine like you will not turn her back on someone who needs her” the message ended and Nocturne saw the location of the meeting pop up on her visor.

“That was strange” Nocturne thought, folding her arms. The radio frequency she used for communicating was encrypted and it used only by her very close friends and allies, so the idea of a third party using it was suspicious.

“It could be trap, but I can’t ignore it. I just need to go there and see personally what this is about. It looks like the place of meeting is not very far” the brunette made up her mind as she moved towards the edge of the rooftop, taking a big leap as she shot her grappling hook. It wasn’t long before she reached her destination, a tall building in a rather high profile area of the city near the sea. Nocturne was particularly surprised by the choice of the location. It didn’t really seem like a spot for a secret meeting, or even an ambush. Curious about where this was going, the dark haired heroine landed on the tall building and made her way on the rooftop.

“That’s really strange. No one seems to be around here. Wait, that’s this?” Nocturne’s eyes when wide behind her mask at the sigh in front of her. There was what appeared to be a dining table, laid with a light red table cloth. On top of it were three covered silver trays, a bottle of champagne in a bucket full of ice, two long glasses and two red, burning, fragrant candles.

“What is going on here? Could it be?” Nocturne thought, a she walked slowly towards the table.

“I’m so glad that you were able to respond to my message, dear Nocturne!” a familiar voice was heard, and a small smile appeared on the heroine’s lips.

“Well, it sounded like a really important message! And you know that heroine’s don’t turn their back on those who need them” Nocturne turned around and saw a lovely blond, young woman covered in a skintight black catsuit staring at her with a bright smile.

“When did you get here, Stacy? I thought you wouldn’t be in Fortune City until next week” Nocturne said, as the blond stepped towards her.

“I know. I made a few arranges so I could get here a little sooner. I had to be with you on your special day! Happy Birthday Beth!” Stacy said joyfully, wrapping her arms around the lovely brunette in a tight hug.

“Thank you! This is a lovely surprise! ” Bethany smiled as well, before Stacy landed a soft kiss on her lips.

“I’m glad to hear this! I made reservations for dinner at your favorite place for tomorrow, so I decided to prepare this little rooftop dinner here” Stacy said, as she moved towards the laid table.

“Grilled filet mignon with brandy mustard sauce and sautéed potatoes for our main course” she announced, uncovering the silver trays.

“Did you prepare all this yourself?” Bethany said with a hint of surprise, her eyes falling on the well-cooked and steamy dishes.

“Of course! And let’s not forget the desert, your birthday cake!” Stacy continued as she uncovered the last tray, revealing a small chocolate cake. Bethany turned towards the blonde, narrowing her eyes in suspicion.

“The cake does look great, but I hope it’s not like that chocolate you prepared last time” she said folding her arms, still remembering that time when the naughty blonde had put a special type of mild aphrodisiac in the chocolate she had prepared for Valentine’s Day.

“Oh, no need to worry! It’s safe this time” Stacy laughed lightly.

“Although, you know that chocolate is an aphrodisiac by itself” she continued with teasing grin, wrapping her arms around the heroine’s trim waist.

“I am aware of that. It's not like we actually need it, though!” Bethany said, putting her arms on the beautiful agent.

"Well, chocolate always sets the mood. But wait, I think something is still missing from our date!" Stacy grinned, as she covered the silver trays and reached for a small cellphone.

"What do you have in mind?" Bethany asked with an amused expression, a hint of curiosity evident in her voice.

"Some nice music! What else?" the blonde smiled, as she put the cell phone back on the table, a gentle, romantic melody coming clearly from its speakers and filling the air around them.

"Shall I have this dance, my lady?" Stacy offered her hand as she took a small bow, causing the brunette to giggle softly.

"With pleasure!" she said with a smile, taking the agent's hand who smiled back as she wrapped her arm gently around the heroine's trim waist and held her closer, while Bethany put her hand on her shoulder. The two partners started swinging smoothly to the slow tune of the music, gazing fondly into each other. Sparks seemed to fly between them, and they could almost feel the heat of their flushed bodies as they pressed against each other, as the moon shone behind the few clouds in the clear night sky.

"Having a good time?" Stacy said lightly, softly caressing the heroine's lower back and causing a soft sigh to escape her plush lips.

"I really do! This is one of the most romantic rooftop encounters I've ever had! And I'm quite interested to taste this wonderful dinner you’ve prepared. Unless, you are actually missing something precious" Bethany said lightly.

“Actually, I am” Stacy responded, causing Bethany to tilt her head in mild surprise.

“Someone has taken my heart! Fortunately, I know who the perpetrator is. I am holding her in my arms right now!” Stacy said softly, holding the lovely brunette closer, causing a light shade of pink to grace the heroine’s lovely features.

“In that case, I’ve already helped you find what you are missing!” Bethany said with a sweet smile, covering the blond’s soft lips with her own velvety ones in a long kiss, as Stacy kissed her back with passion, running her fingers over her silky, brown locks.

“Indeed you have my heroic beauty! Let’s enjoy our dinner then. And afterwards you can come by my hotel room, or I could swing by your place, so I can give your…gift!” Stacy whispered with a mischievous grin, slowly running her hands over the heroine’s firm bottom, eliciting a soft sigh from the brunette who slowly closed her eyes.

“Gift you say? I wonder what could it be?” Bethany slowly said, leaning closer to the agent.

“It’s a surprise, but I’ll give you a small hint!” Stacy said as she closed the distance between them, covering the heroine’s plush lips in another heated kiss, her arm still wrapped around her trim waist, while her other hand softly caressed her smooth, fishnet covered thigh. Bethany hummed into the kiss, slightly parting her lips and allowing the agent’s naughty tongue to slip between them and deepen the kiss, enjoying her sweet taste. The heated kiss soon turned into a long, passionate make out session between the two partners until the need for air caused them to move slowly move away. The agent and the heroine simply gazed each fondly other with flushed expressions, their arms still wrapped around each other, as they kept dancing to the romantic tune.

“Will you stay with me tonight at my place?” Bethany said slowly.

“Of course, Sweetie! And I will make sure to show you how much I’ve missed you!” Stacy said with a small smile, caressing the heroine’s warm cheek. Bethany smiled back and simply relaxed in Stacy’s loving embrace who rubbed her back gently. The two ladies enjoyed the tasteful dinner while admiring the nice view from the rooftop, before they raced playfully towards Bethany’s penthouse, eager to spend a long night in each other’s arms.

A Birthday Surprise for Nocturne
A mysterious message turns out to be a pleasant surprise for Nocturne! A gift story for :iconbethanyhunter:
Nocturne is a character of :iconbethanyhunter:
Stacy Williams is one of my own characters.

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A Season 12 Story

In the dark of the night, a caped figure moved swiftly over the tall buildings in the grand city of Gotham, their boots clicking softly on the hard concrete of a rooftop as it stood on the ledge, looking down at the bright,
buzzing highway. Gotham was the kind of city that seemed to be livelier during the long dark nights rather than in the light of day, and that wasn’t only because of the intense night life with the many bars, theaters, restaurants and all sorts of entertainment clubs. It was also because of the very intense criminal activity, which ranged from psychotic super villains and nefarious supernatural creatures, to dangerous mobs and ruthless street gangs. Fortunately, the city had its fair share of heroic figures to protect it, like the very one who watched the busy streets over the high building where it landed. The silver moon slowly appeared behind the dark clouds, illuminating the shadowy figure and revealing a statuesque, red haired, young woman, clad in a skintight, black bodysuit. Her long, athletic legs were covered by a pair of knee high, red boots, and a matching pair of long, red gloves covered her arms. A red, metallic, bat shaped utility belt encircled her trim waist, while a large, red bat symbol adorned her black bodysuit over her ample bosom. Her porcelain white skin almost glowed in the pale moonlight making a stark contrast with the black cowl that covered most the heroine’s features, allowing her long, red hair to flow in the night breeze. Kate Kane, the heroine known as Batwoman took a big leap, swinging with her grappling hook as she sprang into action. The night seemed quite simple at first, the heroine taking down several gang members and random thugs with ease using her impressive fighting skills, the results of her rigorous training. The heroine wondered if she would actually have a calm night for once, but an unexpected encounter quickly changed her mind. Batwoman looked on with mild surprise at the young woman who appeared suddenly in front of her almost out of nowhere. She was clad in a deep purple, long dress with golden embroidery which hung tightly around her highlighting every curve of her shapely form, with a plunging neckline that offered a generous view of her ample bosom, while a rip on the side of her dress showed off her long legs that were covered by a pair of black, thigh high, high heeled boots. Her long, black hair flowed freely in the night breeze, and her deep, blue eyes gazed the heroine with interest, her red lips forming a small smile. The redhead couldn’t help but notice how attractive the mysterious woman was but she knew better than to drop her guard, especially since she was fairly experienced with supernatural encounters, and the dark haired woman’s sudden appearance was a good indication about her nature.

“You must be the one they call Batwoman!” the mysterious woman said with a smooth voice.

“You seem to know about me, but I have no idea about your name. Who are you?” Batwoman asked with a firm tone.

“My, such a demanding tone! But I suppose it is justified, given my sudden appearance. You may call me Serena!” the dark haired woman responded, taking a small bow.

“And what are you doing up here, Serena? I was pretty certain there was no one else around here until you walked behind that HVAC unit. Out for a little stroll on the rooftop?” Batwoman said with a hint of sarcasm.

“Perhaps I am! I do enjoy late night walks and your city is just so lively and has so many lovely sights!” Serena said vaguely with a wave of her hand.

“I don’t think you can see a lot of sights from up here” the redhead said, narrowing her eyes behind her mask as she tried to figure out the mysterious woman out. She was certain that there was more to her than met the eye, but she wasn’t quite sure what to make of her.

“On the contrary, this is one of the ideal places to admire the sights that interest me! Actually, I am admiring one of them right now!” Serena said with a sweet voice, her eyes falling on the tall heroine in front of her, who instantly took a fighting pose.

“I’m not sure what you mean and I don’t think I want to know!” Batwoman said, keeping her guard up.

“You may say that, but something tells me you will soon change your mind! Once we get to know each a little more, intimately! How about you come a little closer?” Serena said, with a soft giggle, taking a few steps forward.

“You may regret wanting to come closer to me!” Batwoman said decisively as she dashed forward. The fiery redhead landed a flurry of swift strikes, but the dark haired was able to dodge every single one of them.

“She’s fast!” she caped heroine though, as she attacked with big, roundhouse kick.

“Not bad! You are skilled indeed my dear Batwoman!” Serena commented, barely evading the kick that nearly took her head off, but without losing her smirk.

“But you are not the only one with skills!” she continued, blocking the next strike, before she landed a blow of her own, striking the heroine with her fist right in her midsection.

“Ugh!” Batwoman grunted, as she was sent several meters away but rolled back on her feet.

“She’s stronger than she looks too! There’s definitely more to her than meets the eye” she thought, rubbing her stomach.

“What are you? Are you a vampire?” the heroine asked.

“I’m not surprised you figured it out. You are intelligent as you are beautiful, and I’ve heard that you’ve had supernatural encounters before. But you are only partly right. I am no vampire, I am a witch! Serena, the Purple Enchantress!” the dark haired woman said raising her hands, a light purple aura appearing around her, while her eyes shone in a violet shade.

“A witch? This might be tough!” Batwoman though, her hand slowly moving towards her utility belt. With a swift and precise move, the caped heroine threw one of her red batarangs. The dark haired witch however reacted just as swiftly, raising her glowing hand and blasting the bladed weapon with an arcane bolt.

“My turn now!” Serena laughed, as she started shooting a volley of small, purple blasts, pushing the heroine on the defensive, as she struggled to dodge the barrage of magical missiles.

“This isn’t good! I need to somehow distract her!” the heroine’s sharp mind tried to form a quick plan as she rolled on the rooftop, barely evading a purple blast that crashed right next to her.

“How much longer do you think you can keep dodging?” Serena said lightly, as Batwoman continued rolling on the ground, slowly decreasing the distance between them. The heroine ducked forward, evading another blast while at the same time her hand moved towards her utility belt and threw a number of small, red orbs that blew right in front of the witch, covering her with a thick cloud of smoke.

“Trying to use the element of surprise? Smart move!” Serena thought with a calm smile, seizing her assault.

“Where are you, dear? Trying to play a game of cat and mouse? It might not turn out as you expect!” the dark haired witch said, as she moved around the HVAC units, looking around cautiously. Batwoman remained silently hidden in the shadows waiting for an opening until she suddenly leapt forward with the stealth and speed she had honed over years of training, her kick directed towards the back of her opponent. Her expression however turned into surprise, her eyes widening behind her mask, as her kick simply went through the witch, who simply disappeared in a cloud of purple smoke. Batwoman landed roughly on the ground but managed to keep her balance and quickly got back on her feet.

“Where are you?” the heroine yelled, looking around with heightened senses.

“Over here!” Serena’s smooth voice was heard behind her. Batwoman turned around instantly ready to strike, but she suddenly felt her body grow stiff before she completely paralyzed.

“What, is going on? I can’t move!” she groaned, trying to move arms and legs, but they just wouldn’t cooperate.

“I told you that this game of cat and mouse wouldn’t help you. Bats are flying mice, after all!” Serena chuckled.

“Damn it!” Batwoman grunted in frustration.

“You have impressive fighting skills but you are no much for my magic, my dear Batwoman!” Serena said simply moving her hand upwards. Batwoman felt her entire body lifting in the air just slightly so the tips of her boots barely touched the concrete, while her arms moved above her hand as if they were bound by invisible chains.

“Ugh! Let me go!” Batwoman struggled furiously against her magical binds, but the dark haired witch simply smiled in response.

“Now, why would I do that? This little rumble has been fun, but it’s time to move to something more... interesting! You have already experienced a small taste of the more destructive part of my magic; now let me show you a different side of my magic!” Serena said lightly, raising her glowing hand towards the bound heroine. Batwoman suddenly gasped, feeling her entire body slowly heating up.

“What... is going on? Why am I feeling so hot all of the sudden?” the masked heroine thought with surprise, trying to figure out this sudden burst heat that covered her lithe form. Her sharp mind slowly became fuzzier, and she barely heard the dark haired witch’s soft giggle as she stepped closer until she was only inches away.

“That’s a lovely costume you are wearing, my dear! It shows off your amazing body with such a detail and yet it still leaves something to the imagination! Makes you want to see... even more!” Serena said with a low voice as she walked slowly around the statuesque redhead, trailing her glowing fingertips lightly over her firm body and causing her to let out a sharp breath.

“Hey, what are you doing to me? What kind of magic is this?” Batwoman said with less force than she intended, feeling a warm tingle spread over her amazing body which seemed to grow more sensitive with each passing moment.

“I’m glad you asked, my dear Batwoman! You see, this is a special kind of magic! A magic that stimulates your body and arouses your senses! A magic that allows you to ride in the highest peak of excitement, and if you let go and allow the warm haze of seduction to surround you, it can offer you pleasures that you can only dream of!” Serena whispered, her glowing eyes looking directly at the heroine.

“Is this... hypnosis?” Batwoman said slowly with some nervousness. Her tight costume was almost stifling and she found it increasingly difficult to focus.

“No, my dear. I’m not trying to trick your mind! What you feel, is real! Let me show you!” Serena’s hands rested on the heroine’s trim waist and moved slowly all the way up her body, from her tight stomach to her firm bosom, and then down to her waist again.

“Ooooh…” Batwoman let out a long moan, her head falling back and her back slightly arching as she felt her entire body tremble from that simple touch. Serena smiled mischievously as she wrapped her arms around the redhead’s waist and pulled her closer.

“Did this feel good?” she said teasingly.

“What... do you want from me?” Batwoman almost panted trying to move away from the seductive witch, but the brunette kept her arms firmly around her waist.

“You, my dear Batwoman! I want you!” Serena said with a husky voice, her warm breath brushing over the heroine’s plush lips. Batwoman tried to reply but her protests were muffled by a passionate kiss, as Serena covered the heroine’s full, red lips with her own velvety ones. Batwoman’s entire body tensed, her eyes opening wide in surprise at the brunette’s kiss. She knew that the witch was trying to seduce her with her touch and her magic, and although she didn’t want to admit it she was having quite an effect on her, but she still didn’t expect something so forward. And yet, she slowly found herself relaxing. Serena’s arm kept holding her firmly, and yet gently at the same time by her waist, while her other hand moved softly over her back, and got tangled in her long, red locks. Batwoman gave a soft muffled moan as her eyes fluttered fully closed behind her mask, her mind swirling in disorientation and confusion, and she couldn’t help but notice how nice and soft Serena’s lips felt against her own. After a few long moments, Serena finally moved away, allowing the tall redhead to catch her breath, a mischievous grin appearing on her lovely face, as she noticed a deep shade of pink gracing Batwoman’s porcelain white features.

“You won’t be needing this anymore” Serena said simply as soft click was heard and Batwoman saw the witch pulling her red utility belt from around her trim waist, and simply letting it fall on the ground.

“Please, stop… Let me go…” Batwoman said with a pleading expression.

“Do you really want me to stop? Do you really find my touch so, unpleasant?” Serena said calmly.

“I... Um…” the heroine fumbled with her words.

“There’s no reason for you to be afraid, my dear! I am not going to hurt you! In fact, I am going to take you from those dangerous streets, with all those thugs that want to hurt you and humiliate you, and I am going to keep you safe in my arms. All you have to do is simply give yourself to me. And I’m going to make you feel wonderful!” Serena whispered before she landed a soft, teasing kiss on the heroine’s plush lips. Her hand slipped towards the high collar of her black, skintight suit, and lowered it just a little, exposing the redhead’s soft, white neck.

“Such a lovely neck!” Serena mumbled, trailing light kisses over the heroine’s cheek and jawline, before her lips landed on the nap of her neck. 

“Mmm!” Batwoman tried to stifle a moan, her eyes fluttering behind her mask and her entire body trembling, the witch’s lips having found a rather sensitive spot, as Serena kissed and licked the sweet spot. Her hands were now roaming freely over her tall, firm body, causing more tingles of pleasure to cascade through her bound form. Batwoman’s mind drifted further away, her resistance slowly melting under the alluring brunette’s warm touch and kisses. She still barely knew anything about the mysterious woman, and there was no doubt that she was indeed a powerful witch who was easily able to subdue her. And yet she felt strangely relaxed around her. Her touch was so soft, tender, sensual, and almost knowing, as if it was it a long lost lover that finally found her after a very long time. Her entire body felt as if it was on fire, and a hot mass of erotic energy formed on her stomach and slowly spread towards her nether regions, while her pert nipples stood firm and tented obviously against her firm costume, providing enticing targets. Serena continued enjoying the redhead’s soft neck, her lips forming a small smirk as she relished at the hard moans that slowly started to escape Batwoman’s pursed lips, while her roaming hands moved over her firm breasts, fondling them and kneading them.

“Aah!” Batwoman suddenly gasped as Serena sucked the soft spot a little harder before she seized her sensual assault and slowly moved away, a satisfied grin appearing on her face as she noticed a light bruise on the pale skin, feeling as if she claimed the taller heroine for her own.

“Such a tight, sexy costume... I just want to make you soak it with your own excitement...” Serena whispered teasingly, causing the heroine to tremble at her naughty words, feeling almost a tingle of anticipation run across her spine. A sharp breath suddenly escaped her red lips as she felt the witch’s hand slip between her powerful thighs, and rub her over her most tender spot.

“What do we have here? Looks like you are really enjoying my attention, my naughty little heroine! That’s a good girl!” Serena grinned deviously, feeling the wetness of the squirming heroine who could only moan in response.

“It must be really hot in that costume... How about I relieve you a little bit? Besides, it’s about time I admire the amazing interior that it covers!” Serena giggled raising her glowing finger, putting it on the high collar of the black bodysuit and slowly sliding it down. Batwoman looked with a stunned expression as her high tech costume that could even withstand bullets simply peeled away right in the middle, as if an invisible front zipper was lowered, and at the same time she let out a soft sigh, the finger leaving a rather pleasant, warm tingle as it came in touch with her soft skin. Serena lowered her finger all the way to the costume’s waistband, even playfully poking at the heroine’s bellybutton, before she pushed the parted suit, revealing a valley of flushed, porcelain white skin.

“Amazing! You are such an elegant beauty, my dear Batwoman!” Serena admired the heroine’s toned body, her attention drawn particularly on her pink, diamond hard nipples that made a stark contrast with her milky white skin, before she shifted her gaze towards her still masked features.

“So... Do you still want me to stop?” the alluring witch whispered, wrapping her arm around the bound heroine’s waist, while her fingers traced lightly the indentations of her toned abs. Batwoman turned towards the dominant brunette, meeting her intense gaze.

“I… No…” she said slowly.

“Then just say the word... Say that you give yourself to me... Then, I will show you true pleasure!” Serena kept her blue orbs fixed on Batwoman, almost as if she could meet her green eyes behind her cowl.

“Take me... I’m all yours...” the swooning heroine mumbled with a flushed expression, wiggling her body so she could get closer to the witch.

“As you wish, my dear!” Serena whispered, before she captured Batwoman’s velvety lips in a long, passionate kiss, while at the same time her hands cupped her firm breasts, giving them a firm and gentle squeeze, causing the taller redhead to hum and simply surrender into her kiss and erotic touch. The kiss went on for what seemed like forever, until Serena finally pulled away, allowing Batwoman to catch her breath. Her lips then moved lower, as Serena planted a torrent of light kisses over her neckline and collarbone, her nibble fingers moving towards her sensitive, diamond hard nipples, lightly tugging them and rubbing them with her thumbs, eliciting more erotic sighs from the heroine.

“Haaah... Uuum...” Batwoman’s entire body shook, as she fell a pair of warm lips envelop one of her pert nipples, while a hand moved once again over her heated core. The bound heroine groaned softly as she felt Serena’s tongue tease across her rosy bud, sending a bolt of intense sensual pleasure racing down her spine. Serena flicked her tongue over the sensitive, diamond hard nipple and even lightly bit down, before she clamped down her lips and started suckling on her breast wildly, enjoying her sweet taste.

“Ooooh… Serena… Aaaaaaaah…” Batwoman called the witch’s name between her hard moans having completely lost herself in a world of sensations, as Serena kept milking her firm breasts, switching between them, while her fingers started moving at a faster pace over her boiling honey pot. Her body buckled and shook uncontrollably, until Batwoman’s eyes went wide behind her mask as she felt the intense rush of erotic fire flow down her spine and explode between her legs. She surged against her magical bonds, arching her back, as her muscles tightened and she reached her peak, a hard climax exploding across her over aroused body, while her hard moans were muffled by another intense lip lock, as Serena mashed their lips together. Her nimble fingers continued moving at a fast pace allowing the heroine to ride her peak, until Batwoman broke the kiss and threw her head back, her long hair flowing as she let out a long sigh, her body finally relaxing as she was enveloped in a pleasant afterglow. Serena gave the heroine a soft gaze, before she flicked her fingers together. The magical bonds that held the weary heroine wore off, allowing Batwoman to simply fall on the ground, but she never felt the hard concrete as a pair of arms wrapped around her limp body and held her in an embrace.

“You were amazing, my dear... How about we continue somewhere more comfortable?” she giggled mischievously, her hand moving towards the dropped utility belt which flew towards her palm, before the two of them disappeared in a cloud of purple smoke.

Batwoman let out a soft sigh, as she fell something soft under her exhausted body. Her eyes slowly opened behind her mask, and she noticed that she was lying on a large bed in a rather lavish hotel room. Her gloves and boots have been removed along with her utility belt, but the rest of her costume was still on.

“Had a nice nap?” Serena said teasingly as she lied next to the heroine.

“Where are we? What is this place?” Batwoman said slowly, feeling so weary that she could barely turn her head around to get a better look of the room.

“As I am pretty sure you already noticed this is a rather nice hotel room. I wanted us to be comfortable, since we will be spending quite a few days around here” Serena responded lightly.

“What do you mean?” Batwoman said weakly, turning towards the dark haired witch looked towards her with a devious smile.

“I mean I’m not done with you yet, my sweet Batwoman! I still desire much more of you! I will allow you to rest for a while, though. Because, I’m about to pleasure you into oblivion!” Serena whispered, before she leaned closer, capturing the heroine’s plush lips in a heated kiss as she wrapped her arms around her. Batwoman could only hum in response, before she was slowly overwhelmed by Serena’s passion, the rest of the night being a blurry haze of pleasure.
Batwoman meets Serena
Serena targets the lovely Batwoman! Can the heroine overcome the alluring witch's Seduction Magic, or will Serena's passion overwhelm her?
A story for :iconrenderpretender:'s Season 12. The story can also be found on his page here….
For more naughty images with heroines and bad girls, action images, fun stories, amazing magazine covers, card portraits, and much more, be sure to give him a watch, in case you haven't already.
Batwoman/Kate Kane is a character of DC comics.
Serena is one of my own characters

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Librarian Perils #45 - Rescued and Seduced by amazonarrow

The library is usually a quiet place, a place where people go to borrow all kinds of books and tomes, enjoy the tranquillity of the atmosphere while reading a nice book, or simply browse though the wide selection of literature. Consequently, being a librarian can be considered a simple, perhaps even dull, occupation. But that wasn’t the case for Ms Chryseis Kent, Head Librarian of the Acquisition Department. Ever since she became a staff member of one particular library, she had been through a great deal of situations, which were anything but boring. This day however, was turning out to be quite, normal. It was already evening, and the library was near its closing hours. Ms Kent settled a couple of books back in their shelves, and smiled with content. The beautiful librarian was covered in a pretty plain, and yet rather elegant and sexy outfit. A simple,
turquoise, sleeveless shirt that matched her stunning blue eyes, along with a short, black skirt that barely covered her smooth thighs. Her silky, black hair flowed freely over her lean shoulders and a pair of silver earrings added a little bit of shine to her look. Her long, athletic legs were covered with white stockings that reached all the way to her thighs, and a pair of turquoise heels completed her sexy outfit, which caused everyone around her to shoot gazes of desire towards her. The young librarian paid them little mind though, her mind travelled on what she could do once her shift was over. Perhaps she could actually spend the night at her home this time, watch a movie, and maybe call one of her friends over her place. But something told her, that it wouldn’t be so simple.

“Did you miss me, babe?” Ms Kent suddenly heard a loud voice, which sounded unpleasantly familiar, as she turned around.

“You! What are you doing here?” she gasped in surprise, as she saw a tall, tanned, dark haired, college girl standing in front of her. Her tall figure was covered in a simple black top with a light blue undershirt, brown shorts, and black boots, while her long dark brown hair were tied in a bobbing ponytail.

“I got a little bored, so I thought I should come by to have some fun” the dark haired girl said with a smirk, as she strolled towards her. Ms Kent felt her knees tremble, as she knew who that girl was. Her name was Sarah Brigade, and her idea of fun, wasn't that appealing to her.

“If you are still looking for that book, I could check and… Gah!” Ms Kent’s words were cut, as Sarah grabbed her by her throat, and pushed her violently against the wall.

“Book? What book? The book that you couldn’t reserve last time because you are a dumb bitch? I don’t care about that, anymore! I said, that I wanted to have some fun! And I will have my fun with you, bitch!” Sarah growled, and before Ms Kent could react, she fell a hard punch landing on her mid section. Ms Kent gasped in pain, as Sarah started pummelling her stomach, while at the same time she tightened her grip around her neck.

“I remember last time. I remember how you trembled, and how wet you got down there! You are really enjoying this, aren’t you?” Sarah hissed with a sadistic grin, her face mere inches away from the helpless brunette, her warm breath tingling her neck. A sharp gasp escaped her lips, as Sarah moved to suck roughly on her smooth neck, even biting down hard, while her hand moved lower and rubbed the librarian’s womanhood. Ms Kent let out a moan, but was more of pain rather than satisfaction. Enjoyed it? While it was true that Sarah had ravaged her and forced her to climax before, it wasn’t really an enjoyable experience. The young woman would still grimace, when she remembered the beating that she got and the humiliation she suffered, and it seemed that the same situation was about to be repeated. Ms Kent closed her eyes, as Sarah raised her fist again.

“That’s enough!” a firm voice was suddenly heard, causing Sarah to stop.

“Huh? Who is this? Scram girl, this isn’t your business!” she yelled, as Ms Kent Slowly opened her eyes. She saw a teenage girl, with long, light brown hair, tied in a ponytail. Her athletic figure was clad in a pretty stylish fashion. A light, multicoloured top, that sported white and cream coloured parts in the front, and black on her back, that let just a teasing view of her midriff exposed while a pair of short, blue jean shorts barely covered her firm, slightly tanned legs. Her outfit was completed by a pair of stylish, short, high heeled grey boots. She recognised that girl, it was one of the regular patrons that often borrowed books from the library.

“Jenny! No, run!” Ms Kent thought, desperately.

“I think it is! I would have to ask you to leave Ms Kent alone, right now!” the brown girl said decisively, staring at the taller woman with a steady look.

“Heh! Another goody two shoes, huh? Just like last time. Fine, I’ll beat you up too!” Sarah chuckled, as she released her grip, letting Ms Kent to fall on her knees panting, and charged against her.

“Not again!” she thought desperately, as she remembered what happened last time, when someone tried to help her against this ruthless woman. Sarah raised her fist, and took a big swing, but Jenny simply moved sideways, she grabbed Sarah’s arm, and swung her over her, slamming her on the floor. She then kept her grapple firm, and held her in a tight armbar. Sarah groaned, as she tried to free herself from the hold, and eventually Jenny let her, since her hold wasn’t tight enough. Sarah rolled away, and got up slowly, rubbing her arm, with a shocked expression.

“Surprised?” Jenny said with a light smile, as she folded her arms. 

“You are not the only one who knows about wrestling holds. I am part of my school’s wrestling club, and I have my fair share of experience from wrestling tournaments. Don’t think you can take me down easily!” she continued with confidence.

“Don’t get carried away just because who got one lucky shot, little girl! You won’t be so lucky next time!” Sarah growled, as she got up, with a menacing expression.

“Perhaps, but I don’t think you would be interested in continuing this!” Jenny commented calmly.

“And why is that?” Sarah asked angrilly.

“Look around you! There’s hardly anyone here! Do you really want to get in a fight with no crowd? Especially a fight, that won’t be easy?” Jenny said, with a steady expression. Ms Kent looked on with surprise. Sarah was an aggressive, sadistic woman, who liked to humiliate her victims and would attack unprovoked, but Jenny was simply staring her with a calm smile, full of confidence and certainty. Sarah looked around, and frowned.

“Hmph, you sure know how to run your tongue! Whatever, I got bored here, anyway!” she scoffed, and turned around, making her way out of the library. Jenny simply watched her move away, before she moved towards Ms Kent, who was still on her knees.

“Are you okay, Ms Kent?” she asked, with a soft voice.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’ve been though worse. Thanks, by the way!” the young woman responded, as she looked towards her saviour with a grateful smile.

“No need to thank me, I couldn’t leave you like this! Can you stand?” Jenny said with some concern, helping the librarian back on her feet.

“I think. Ugh!” Ms Kent grunted, as she grabbed her belly.

“You don't seem that well! It looks like someone needs to take care of you!” Jenny said simply, and before Ms Kent realized, she was swept of her feet, as the teenage girl lifted her on her arms.

“What, what are you doing?” Ms Kent stammered, blushing heavily, as she felt completely embarrassed by the brown haired girl's sudden action.

“I’m just going to take you to your office! Um, if you told me which way it is?” Jenny responded, looking around with a wondering expression.

“It’s down that hallway, but that’s not the case! Can you put me down?” the dark haired librarian insisted.

“Nope! Here we are!” Jenny responded cheerfully, as they entered the office. She shut the door with her foot, moved towards the couch, and left Ms Kent on top of it, while she sat beside her.

“Are you feeling better, Ms Kent? You are trembling” Jenny noticed, as she wrapped her arm around the young woman, and held her closer.

“I am?” Ms Kent mumbled with surprise, realizing that she was indeed, slightly trembling.

“That’s nothing, it’s just from the tension!” she responded simply, with a wave of her hand. Jenny remained silent, as Ms Kent let out a small sigh, and turned towards her.

“Look, Jenny, I really appreciate the help! Really, I owe you one, but I am, fine now” she mumbled the last words, as she noticed the teenage girl’s intense gaze. It took her a few moments to realize that Jenny was holding her really close, her long legs almost laying on her lap.

“You owe me? I should keep that in mind!” she said, with a mischievous grin. Ms Kent took a sharp breath, feeling slightly flushed at that moment.

“This is, a nice perfume that you are wearing! Very nice!” she mumbled without thinking, as the girl’s intoxicating scent, filled her nostrils.

“Thanks! I should keep that in mind too!” Jenny responded lightly, as she slowly caressed Ms Kent’s warm cheek.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Ms Kent gasped, trying to move away, but Jenny held her firmly in place.

“You have really beautiful eyes, Ms Kent! So bright, and shiny, like pearls!” she said with a slow voice, gazing with her brown eyes into Ms Kent’s blue orbs.

“Thank you! Yours are pretty too!” the dark haired librarian responded, timidly. What was wrong with her? Why was she acting like some sort of shy schoolgirl all of the sudden? But then again, maybe it was because of that girl’s attitude. All this time in that library, she had been assaulted, drugged, humiliated, tied up, and while it wasn’t always an unpleasant experience, most of these times she had been forced into these situations. But this time, it was different. That girl had rescued her, and now she was holding her firmly, but at he same time gently. It seemed like a nice break from her usual situations. But still, she couldn’t let the situation get out of control. She had to do something, take charge.

“Look, Jenny. You are being very sweet, and I thank you again for your assistance. But, I don’t think… Mmm!” Ms Kent’s words were muffled, as Jenny leaned closer and captured her plush lips in a heated kiss. The young woman blinked in surprise and tried to move away, but Jenny held her closer, and deepened the kiss. Ms Kent slowly started to feel light headed, and before she realized, she relaxed into the kiss. Jenny’s lips formed a mischievous smile, as she slowly pushed the older woman on the couch, causing her to lean her back on the couch’s arm. She continued kissing her deeply, enjoying her delectable lips, as her one hand started unbuttoning her shirt, and exposing her ample breasts, while the other one ran over her firm, stocking clad thighs. After a few, long moments, Jenny broke the kiss, allowing Ms Kent to catch her breath, and gazed at the lovely librarian with desire.

“You are so beautiful, Ms Kent! Deep, blue eyes! Silky, black hair! Full, red lips! Smooth, flawless skin! And a firm, curvy, tight body! You truly are a wonder!” she whispered, causing the older woman to shiver, with her intense gaze.

“Jenny” she mumbled, unable to say another word.

“All this time I've been coming to the library, I couldn't take my eyes off you! I've wanted you from the first time I saw you! I imagined how your skin would feel like, how your lips would taste like! And finally, I got you all to myself! I am not letting you get away, Ms Kent!” Jenny whispered near Ms Kent’s ear, causing her to shiver uncontrollably before she started trailing kisses over her smooth neck. Ms Kent let out a sharp breath, her toes instantly curled, and she couldn’t prevent a moan from escaping her lips. Jenny’s grin widened, as she continued teasing the soft spot, while her hands started rubbing the librarian’s exposed breasts, eliciting more moans from her. She gently cupped her chin and stared at her deeply, letting the older woman know that she was in charge, before she gave her another mind blowing kiss. Ms Kent simply surrendered to the kiss, feeling her resolve melting away. Jenny moved away, and unzipped her skirt. Moments later, Ms Kent found herself covered only in her unbuttoned,turquoise shirt, and her white stockings. She felt completely exposed against the dominating girl, who laid on top of her, fully dressed. Jenny leaned closer, and captured a hardened nub between her teeth, grazing it slightly, before it took it fully in her mouth, while her hand started working on her other breast. Ms Kent moaned heavily, arching her back, as Jenny continued enjoying her soft mounds.

“You are really sensitive, aren’t you? I wonder if I could make you cum, just by teasing your amazing breasts!” Jenny said with a mischievous grin, as the older woman bit her lower lip, trying to hold back her moans.

“Don’t, don’t be ridiculous!” she stammered with a flustered expression, feeling embarrassed at the thought that she could climax, without being touched in her most intimate spot.

“You are just so cute! I could kiss you and tease you all day!” Jenny chuckled, as she gave her a light kiss on her cheek.

“Just say the word, Ms Kent! Say it, say that you are mine, give yourself completely to me, and I’ll give you the pleasure you crave!” she whispered seductively near her ear, before she started trailing more light kisses across her jawline and her soft neck. Ms Kent couldn’t hold herself anymore.

“Yes! Yes, I’m yours! Please, take me! I can’t take this anymore!” she yelled, almost desperately.

“As you wish, my beautiful Ms Kent!” Jenny said slowly, as she leaned closer. She sucked on the stunning brunette's ample breasts hungrily, kissing, licking and even biting on her rosy, diamond hand nubs, driving the older woman in a frenzy, causing her to moan and writhe wildly, before she slipped lower. She caressed and kissed her taut belly softly, causing Ms Kent to moan in both pleasure and relief, the soft touching leaving a pleasant sensation on her sore belly. Jenny then moved towards her heated womanhood. She kissed her inner thighs intensely, before she covered her nether lips. And then, she went wild. She kissed, licked, sucked and lapped on her throbbing core, enjoying every drop of her sweet juices. Ms Kent shook uncontrollably, letting out heavy moans. Her head was thrown backwards, her back arched, her hips bucked, her entire body felt as if it was on fire, it trembled without restrain and then went rigid, and she let out a long moan, as she reached her climax, hard. The gorgeous librarian then fell back on the couch with her eyes half closed, panting heavily. Jenny licked her lips, and stood on her knees, looking at the exhausted woman with a satisfied smile. Ms Kent was leaning on the arm of the couch, her arms dangled limp on the sides, and her heavy breasts moved rhythmically, as the weary woman took slow and deep breaths. Jenny leaned towards her, and put her arm around Ms Kent’s head gently, pulling her towards her.

“I hope you are not too weary, Ms Kent! Because, I am not done with you yet! An amazingly gorgeous and intelligent woman like yourself needs to be appreciated! I'll take good care of you! And I'll make you feel wonderful, for the rest of the day and night!” she whispered, massaging her ample breasts softly, before she leaned closer to give the older woman a deep, passionate, sizzling kiss, running her hand through her silky, black hair. Ms Kent could only moan in response, having no longer any control over her body. Her day turned out quite different than she expected, but in a surprising pleasant way. She had to admit that the young brunette was not only impressively attractive, but she actually had some affectionate feelings for her, despite her aggression. She didn't simply want to humiliate her, and use her to satisfy her own desire, she actually wanted to make her feel good! A small smile formed on her lips, as the beautiful librarian simply surrendered to the younger woman who saved her only to seduce her and claim her for herself, driving her to a sensual ecstasy for the rest of the day.
Encounter at the Library
A small story I've came up a while ago. Ms Kent finds herself once again in a tight spot in the library, but things turn out a little different than she expected!
Ms Kent and Sarah Brigade are characters of :iconamazonarrow:
Jenny is one of my characters.
The incredible image was done by the amazing :iconamazonarrow:
The naughty student seduces a certain dark haired teacher in the same library in this story…

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A shadowy figure moved swiftly in the night city, leaping gracefully over the tall rooftops. Her boots clicked on the concrete as she landed, and stood up. Her straight, raven locks flowed in the light breeze, as she looked over the city. Her athletic figure was covered with a rather daring outfit, a black, leather bikini top, with matching black shorts that let her toned stomach exposed, while her long legs were covered with fishnet stockings and a pair of black, short boots. A leather belt encircled her trim waist, with a pair of steel batons hanging from each side of it, as well as a pair of metal handcuffs, while a black mask covered her lovely face. The heroine known as Fightgirl stepped towards the edge of a rooftop and took a crouching position, her eyes narrowing behind her mask as she found her target. She had been tailing one of the city’s major gangs for some time now, following their suspicious actions. They usually cared about running their underground business and fighting over rival gangs for territory control, but lately they seemed to get an advantage over their rivals. Fightgirl had noticed an improvement in their weaponry, both in quality and quantity, which allowed them to expand their territories. If they continued their expansion over the underground of the city, subduing and taking over the other gangs and their resources, they might as well take over the entire city. Of course they were not strong enough for something like that yet, but the gang grew stronger quickly. Fightgirl watched one of their warehouses across from the spot from where she landed, and noticed that a new shipment had arrived, and the gang members started unloading wooden crates from a large truck. The masked heroine clenched her fists, she knew that she had to stop them and take out at least one of their supply bases, but that would be no easy thing. On the bright side, it wasn’t one of their biggest warehouses so the goons weren’t that many, but there were still quite a few of them. Fightgirl made a quick scan, noticing at least ten or eleven of them, which was pretty challenging. The heroine moved down from the rooftop, and moved closer to the warehouse, trying to keep out of sight. A part of her wanted to rush, take them by surprise and take out as many as she could, but a more prudent voice inside her told her to take her time and wait for a chance. The goons kept loading more crates into the warehouse at a quick pace, until the truck was emptied. Fightgirl smiled as she saw most of the gang members got on the truck and took off, probably heading to one of their night clubs were their presence was required, leaving only about half of them behind to guard the warehouse. The heroine nodded in satisfaction at her decision to wait, now she had a better chance at taking out the remaining thugs, and call for the officers to clear up, taking away one of their supply bases. She moved closer, and crouched behind a pile of wooden boxes, her hands moving towards her leather belt and pulling out her batons, as she noticed one of the goons, a rather large man, moving closer to her hiding spot. With a swift maneuver she leaped over the boxes, smirking as the goon suddenly looked at her with a stunned expression.

“Nice night for a stroll, isn’t it?” she said with confidence.

“What the…Argh!” the goon grunted as Fightgirl landed a knee strike to his face, following with a few quick strikes with her batons, knocking out the large man.

“What’s going on there?” loud voices were heard, as the rest of the gang members rushed towards her.

“Hey, it’s that Fightgirl broad!” one of the goons growled.

“And just when things were getting boring! Looks like we are going to have some fun boys!” another one of the goons grinned, cracking his knuckles.

“Don’t count on it!” Fightgirl said with confidence, raising her batons, as she dashed towards the goons. One of the goons took a large swing at her, which Fightgirl dodged by moving aside, and landed a swift kick on his side, causing him to grunt and stumble backwards. She ducked out of the way, avoiding a hard strike from another goon, and blocked a second strike with one of her batons, causing him to groan and grab his arm. Fightgirl continued with another swift strike of her baton right on his head, knocking him out. She moved aside just in time to dodge a shoulder tackle from another gang member, and landed an elbow right on his chin, before she sent him crashing on the ground with an impressive roundhouse kick. The heroine turned towards the remaining goon, her eyes growing wide for a moment and her arms moved almost instinctively in front of her, as she managed to block a hard swing with a steel pipe just in time. The strike however was too strong, and caused her to drop both of her weapons. The goon laughed roughly as he took another wide swing with the steel pipe, but the masked heroine was ready this time, and ducked out of the way. The goon took more swings, his laugh turning into a frustrating snarl, as Fightgirl dodged his clumsy strikes with ease.

“Hold still, damn it!” the gang member yelled.

“Too slow! You got to be faster than that!” the heroine said with a confident smirk, landing a swift kick on the large man and causing him to drop his weapon.

“Perhaps we should slow you down!” Fightgirl’s expression turned into shock, as she heard a heavy voice behind her. Before she could react, she felt a pair of strong arms wrapping and sliding inside of her own arms, locking them off at the elbows, and pull them behind her back, as she was grabbed and pulled back in a firm hold.

“Damn it! There was, more of you?” the heroine mumbled, looking back at the large man who nabbed her.

“Not so cocky now, are you broad? Time to put you to your place!” the goon she just kicked said with a menacing voice, as he stepped slowly towards her.

“No! Stay away from me!” Fightgirl squirmed furiously, trying to slip out of the firm grip to, but to no avail. A shiver run across her spine, her earlier confidence quickly replaced with despair, as the bulky man stood in front of her with a grin. Fightgirl let out a sharp gasp, as she suddenly felt a large fist landing on her exposed stomach, the goon striking her roughly.

“Uuuugh! Gaaaah!” Fightgirl gasped helplessly as the goon landed hard blow after hard blow, causing the defenceless heroine to double over as he pummelled her firm stomach. The goon who held her almost lifted her of the ground, causing her body to stretch, while his partner was more than glad to take advantage of the trapped and vulnerable heroine and kept striking her hard abs, as if he took delight in pummelling the helpless heroine, before he slapped her hard across her chin, to add some humiliation to her beating, before he finally stopped his vicious assault. Fightgirl hang almost limp in the goons arms, while the other goon took her by her chin and stared at her mockingly.

“How was that, Fight Bitch? You should know better than to mess with us!” he growled, before he stroke her with another hard slap.

“You, won’t get away with this!” Fightgirl mumbled weakly, staring back as defiant as she could, but the gang members simply laughed in response.

“If you think you had it rough, it’s only going to get rougher for you! Our boss is here!” the thug who held her said, as the heroine saw with despair a number of black cars arriving at the warehouse. The heart sank in her chest, as the doors opened and several gang members got out, including a middle aged man dressed in black and holding a black cane with silver tips, who she recognised as the leader of the gang.

“What is going here?” the boss of the gang said, looking around.

“We caught this broad here sneaking around and trying to take us out! As you can see we have the situation under control, boss!” the thug who held Fightgirl said, moving the heroine around like a rag doll.

“I can see that. Is the shipment secure?” the boss of the gang said.

“It is! We have carried the crates in the warehouse!” the other goon said.

“Good! This one will definitely fetch a nice price!” the boss said, grabbing Fightgirl’s chin, who jerked away.

“Don’t touch me!” she said firmly.

“Feisty, aren’t you? Very good! Tie her up and put her in my car, I will give her a personal inspection! And wake up those other idiots! Five more of you will stay here to keep watch, the others are leaving with me for the club!” the boss of the gang instructed, as he turned towards his car.

“Yes boss!” several gang members said, as they moved to their positions, some of them stepping towards their knocked out fellows, while two more approached the heroine, one of them holding a long rope.

“No! Let me, go!” Fightgirl squirmed weakly, trying once again to slip out of the large man’s grip, but causing the thugs to let out more laughs. Suddenly, a light clinking sound was heard, and Fightgirl saw a small, silver sphere rolling towards them. She instantly closed her eyes, as the small orb exploded, covering the entire place in a thick, white smoke.

“What’s this? They are jumping on us!” the thugs yelled completely shocked. Mayhem followed, and their confused yells were soon replaced by grunts, groans, thuds, and the sound of smashing crates. Fightgirl blinked a few times and opened her eyes, narrowing them behind her mask as she tried to see through the smoke that slowly started to clear. Her expression turned into that of surprise, as she saw a lithe, black clad figure moving swiftly between the bewildered gang members, and taking them out with quick and precise strikes. She was completely covered in a tight, black catsuit, and her face was covered with a green night vision visor, which seemed strangely familiar just like her golden locks that flowed in the air, as she moved around with elegance. Her outfit, the deadly precision of her moves, and the holster that hang from her belt made her look like some sort of hitgirl to the heroine’s mind, who finally felt a hint of hope in her tight predicament. The boss of the gang looked on with a stunned expression, as the smoke cleared, and saw another one of his goons getting knocked out.

“What’s going on? Who are you?” he said, as the black clad figure stepped towards him.

“You got other matters to concern you” she said simply, before she knocked him out with a roundhouse kick.

“You bitch!” the goon that turned Fightgirl into a punching bag snarled angrily, rushing towards the black clad figure. His yell however was quickly replaced with a loud groan, as the hitgirl buried her elbow in his midsection so deep, that she nearly lifted the large man of his feet.

“I got something special for you!” she said coldly, turning rapidly around and smashing his chin with a high knee strike, sending him crushing on the ground. The blond then moved towards the remaining goon who was still holding the heroine, and stepped towards them.

“Don’t take another step, or I’ll snap her neck!” the goon yelled panicked, wrapping his arm around Fightgirl’s neck. The blond stopped, a slight smirk forming on her lips.

“Are you really going to let this scum use you as a shield, Fightgirl?” she said calmly. Fightgirl could almost feel the hitgirl’s gaze behind her visor staring directly into her own eyes, and her smooth voice filled her with courage, as realization finally hit her about the identity of her rescuer. With a decisive expression, she stomped hard the goon with her heel right on his foot, causing him to grunt painfully and loosen his grip on her. Fightgirl gathered the remains of her strength and elbowed the goon hard on his side, before she landed a hard fist right on his chin, causing him to stumble backwards and fall on nearby crate with a loud thud. Fightgirl panted and grabbed her belly, her knees giving away as she slowly fell on the ground. She never felt the hard concrete however, instead a pair of arms wrapped gently around her and held her in a warm embrace.

“I got you! Are you okay?” the blonde said with a soft voice.

“A little sore, but I’ll be fine! Thank you, Stacy!” Fightgirl responded slowly, as she looked towards the hitgirl with a small smile.

“No problem, Sweetie! Good thing I was around!” the blonde said lightly as she removed her visor and put it on her utility belt, revealing her clear blue eyes while she smiled back at the heroine.

“How did you get here?” Fightgirl asked curiously.

“It was part of a mission. I have been tracking that mob boss. Can you stand?” Stacy asked with concern.

“Yes, don’t worry! Why have you been tracking this guy?” Fightgirl said, as Stacy helped her back on her feet and slowly let her, checking if the heroine could stand on her own.

“He had made an arrangement with a rogue group of arm dealers, that’s were his shipments came from. They would give him new weaponry, and in exchange he would give them some top secret information that he got his hands on. I was supposed to retrieve those information before they fell into wrong hands. I’ve been keeping a close eye on him for a few days now, waiting for my chance. I discovered where he kept the information and I tracked him all the way here. What about you?” Stacy asked as she stepped towards the knocked out gang leader, and knelt next to him.

“I was simply trying to take out one of their supply bases, and prevent them from using their new weapons. I didn’t really know about their dealings with other groups” Fightgirl responded.

“Well, he was quite sneaky about it. Got it!” Stacy smiled as she took the cane and slowly turned one of the silver tips, revealing that the cane was hollow, as she pulled a small stick that was hidden inside it.

“The police should be here soon and they have a warehouse full of evidence, along with some evidence that they just happened to stumble upon just a few days ago, which should be enough to put this guy away for a long time, along with all his goons! How about we get out of this place?” Stacy suggested lightly, as she moved towards the heroine.

“Leaving this place does sound good. But I don’t think I can move that quickly right now” Fightgirl said rubbing her side, but she looked up as Stacy took her by her hand.

“No need to jump through rooftops, I have a ride nearby. And the place I got is not very far, and you’ll be able to rest there. It’s quite a nice hotel room, actually! All you have to do, is simply grab on to me tightly!” Stacy responded with a smile.

“All right then! Let’s get out of here!” Fightgirl responded, smiling as well. On the way to the hotel, as Fightgirl kept her arms around Stacy’s waist while they rode on her bike, she remembered how she had met the agent. It was during her visit to another city, when she teamed up with a fellow heroine, and one of her best friends. It was then when she also met the blond agent who had joined their team as well, and all together they managed to bring down a deal between two major mafia bosses. Fightgirl felt her face slightly heat up, a light shade of pink covering her lovely face as she remembered the rest of their night, Stacy's naughty surprise, and the intimate moments they shared all together. She held more firmly on the agent and simply rested on her back with a relaxed smile, causing the blond to smile as well.

“You sure know how to pick hotels! Great room!” Fightgirl commented, looking around the rather comfortable room.

“Yeah, it is quite nice! Are you feeling better?” Stacy said, as she moved closer to the heroine, wrapping her arms around her and holding her in a soft embrace.

“A little bit. You could have told me that you were in the city” Fightgirl said.

“I was going to pay you a visit, after I was done with my mission. How could I know that you were trying to take on the same gang?” Stacy said simply.

“Well, I’m glad you were! And, thank you for saving me! I would have a real hard time getting out of that one!” Fightgirl said with a silent voice.

“But you were going to escape, eventually! I’m just glad that I got there in time, and spared you the ordeal! If only I had arrived a little sooner!” Stacy said slowly, lightly caressing the heroine’s firm abs, causing her to let out a light sigh.

“It’s okay! I’m glad you arrived when you did!” Fightgirl responded, turning her head so she could meet the agent’s soft gaze with a small smile. Stacy smiled back and leaned closer, capturing the heroine’s plush lips in a soft and tender kiss. The masked heroine hummed in response and parted her lips, allowing the agent to deepen the kiss, her hand caressing her firm stomach, tracing the indentations of her abs,while her other hand ran through her silky, raven locks. After a few heated moments, she slowly pulled away, allowing the heroine to catch her breath.

“You’ve had quite a tough night. How about I make more, pleasant for you?” Stacy whispered with a seductive tone in her voice.

“I think, I’d really like that!” Fightgirl mumbled, a heavy shade of pink covering her features. Stacy smiled in response, as she covered her lips in another, more passionate kiss. The raven haired beauty simply swooned into the kiss shutting her eyes, and slightly shivered, feeling Stacy’s hands resting on her lean shoulders, and sliding slowly lower, tracing her fingertips over her warm skin. She simply surrendered into the passionate kiss, and offered no resistance when she felt her hands pulled gently behind her back. Her eyes suddenly shot open once she heard a clicking sound, and felt cold steel around her wrists.

“Stacy, what did you? Did you just, handcuff me?” she stammered, tugging against her binds.

“That’s right, I did! You are all mine now!” Stacy responded, with a mischievous grin. Fightgirl’s surprise was slowly replaced by a knowing expression, her blushing deepening as she picked on the blond’s naughtiness.

“I guess, I should have expected this! Looks like I’m your prisoner once again!” she purred with an alluring voice, allowing her body to rest on the hitgirl’s arms behind her.

“That’s right, you are! And I’m going to make my sexy prisoner feel wonderful!” Stacy whispered, running her hands slowly over the heroine’s toned body, eliciting more moans from the heroine. Stacy pulled her towards the bed and pushed her gently, allowing the weary heroine to lie on the comfortable mattress. She ran her hands slowly over her fishnet covered, athletic legs, raising one of them and sliding her sexy boot off, while trailing light kisses and rubbing her shapely calf, before she moved to her other leg, giving it the same attention.

“Mmm!” Fightgirl hummed in delight, her body shivering as Stacy ran her hands slowly over her bound form, before she slithered her catsuit covered body over her own, straddling her and lying completely over her. Her full lips were captured in another passionate kiss, while she felt the straps of her leather top slowly sliding off.

“You’re so beautiful, Keira! Such an amazing, firm body!” Stacy whispered with a husky voice.

“Stacy, ooooh!” Fightgirl’s words turned into heavy moans, feeling the agent’s hot lips over her flushed body. Stacy licked and sucked her lovely neck wildly, before she moved lower, trailing sizzling kisses over her lean shoulders, her collarbone and the top of her breasts, her hand moving behind her to grope her amazing bottom, while her other hand caressed her firm thigh. Her leather top was lowered even more, and Fightgirl suddenly felt a soft breeze on her hardened nubs, as her breasts were completely exposed. The tied heroine gasped, feeling a pair of moist lips enveloping one of her diamond hard nipples, covering almost her entire pert breast, while dexterous fingers moved around her other rose bud, teasingly pinching and tugging it.

“Mmmm! Aaaah!” Fightgirl’s entire body trembled, as jolts of pleasure ran through her spine, her back arching as the agent kept exploring her body. She lost track of time of how long Stacy tasted and teased her sweet and firm breasts, before she slipped lower, her lips moving over her hard abs. The heroine hummed in delight, Stacy’s hot kisses providing both relief and incredible pleasure after the rough treatment she got at the warehouse, as the blond kissed and licked her firm stomach without restrain. The brunette was completely lost in a trance and barely heard the sound of a lowered zip, and it wasn’t until her leather shorts had been completely removed when she realized that her back panties had been exposed.

“Such a naughty heroine! It’s almost like a pool here!” Stacy said teasingly, kissing lightly her inner thighs, causing her to bit her lower lip to stifle another moan.

“Stacy, please! Stop, teasing me already!” she almost whimpered, moving her hips around.

“As you wish, my stunning beauty!” Stacy whispered, lowering the heroine’s drenched panties and tossing them on the floor, before she wrapped her arms around her fishnet covered thighs. Fightgirl let out a hard gasp her back arching sharply, as Stacy covered her nether lips and started lapping at boiling honey pot. The tied heroine squirmed and writhed uncontrollably, feeling intense waves of pleasure washing through her bound form with every turn of her warm tongue, as the agent owned her with her lips, tasting her sweet juices wildly and without restrain.

“Yes! Yes! Haaaah! I’m gonna- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!” a long, hard wail left Fightgirl’s lips, her fingeres curled into tight fists, her toes curled, her back arched so much that barely touched the bed, her toned body went rigid and she exploded in a sensual burst as she reached her climax hard, feeling every fiber of her body being on fire. She no longer felt the mattress under her as Stacy literally swept her of the bed, having her arms locked firmly around her thighs and holding her lower body in the air, as she devoured her vigorously, lapping every drop of her feminine juices. Fightgirl kept moaning as the agent’s sensual assault allowed her to ride her peak, until she trembled again, Stacy’s tongue coaxing another intense climax from her body. Her entire shook wildly once again, until it went completely limp, as Stacy allowed her gently on the bed, landing some light kisses on her inner thighs, as the heroine’s body was enveloped in a pleasant afterglow. Stacy took the heroine gently by her shoulders, removing the handcuffs from her wrists and putting them aside, before she laid her back on the comfortable bed. Her arms wrapped around the exhausted heroine, as she pulled her closer and held the brunette in a loving embrace.

“How are you feeling, Keira?” she asked softly.

“Mmm! Completely, exhausted! But so, blissful!” the raven haired heroine mumbled, as she slowly opened her eyes and gazed at the blond with a warm smile. Stacy stared at her with a fond expression, giving her a long, soft kiss.

“You can rest now, Sweetie! Just relax, I’ll keep you nice and warm all night!” she whispered, as she held the lovely heroine closer. Fightgirl simply smiled and hummed in response, closing her eyes snuggling at the blond’s body and relaxing in her arms, allowing her weary body to rest. Stacy gave the brunette a light kiss of the cheek and lied next to her, the two of them slowly drifting in a blissful slumber.

Fightgirl's Rough Night
Fightgirl finds herself in a tough predicament, but things take a surprising turn! A story for :iconfightgirl2004:'s team up contest.
Fightgirl is a character of :iconfightgirl2004:
Stacy the Hitgirl is a character of my own.

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The sun slowly rose in sky of the Paragon City, bathing the urban scenery with its warm light. Some people started getting ready for the new day, enjoying a quick breakfast or a simple cup of coffee, before they went about the morning business, their daily chores, or simply deciding how to spend their free day. Others were just getting back to their homes, after finishing their late night shifts, or simply after spending a vivid night at some night club. Stacy furrowed her eyebrows and twitched her nose, as the sunrays fell on her pretty face, and slowly shifted in her bed. She felt so warm and cozy that she just didn’t feel like waking up yet. It wasn’t only because of the comfortable bed that she rested on either, more importantly it was the person that she shared the bed with. Stacy slowly opened her eyes, and smiled as she saw her lovely red haired bed mate dozing quietly there with her. Tiffany Johnson was lying beside her, a peaceful expression on her sleepy face as she slumbered. Her long, silky red hair flowed freely on her shoulders and down her back, forming a second, softer pillow on the one she was already lying on. Her bountiful breasts moved slowly up and down, as her breath came out softly and rhythmically. Her curvaceous body was clad in a simple short red velvet robe, hung loosely around her form and held by a soft red belt, wrapped around her trim waist. The light garment barely covered her feminine charms, offering a clear view of her low neckline, and a teasing view of her black panties as the robe barely reached above the redhead’s thighs, leaving her long, athletic legs completely bare. The blonde herself was clad in a light, sexy outfit of her own. A simple white top that barely covered her midriff, with a pair of light purple panties, leaving her long athletic legs completely bare. Stacy allowed her gaze to wander over her bed mate’s lithe, sleeping form, smiling as she remembered the night they had spent together at her safehouse. After a hard fought battle against Crey, Stacy had carried the unconscious heroine to her safehouse and tended to her using a special ointment, assisting the heroine’s own potent healing factor as she recovered from her injuries. Of course she applied the ointment with a rather intimate massage, which soon led to a steamy night between the two partners, with the blonde being quite gentle with the heroine’s weary body, showing her honest affection, and pushing her to a sensual bliss. The two ladies had then taken a hot relaxing bath together, allowing the weariness to leave their sore bodies, with Tiffany being in a rather playful mood, encouraging Stacy’s nimble fingers to slip between her smooth thighs to coax another gentle climax from her wonderful body. The red haired heroine had been completely drained, but in total bliss. What followed was a much needed rest, with the agent holding the heroine in a loving embrace as they both drifted off to a relaxing slumber. Stacy smiled, brushing a strand of red hair behind Tiffany’s ear, gazing tenderly at her peaceful, sleeping expression.

“So, incredibly beautiful! You look so lovely asleep like that...” she thought with a fond expression. Her fingers trailed lightly over her robe covered form, until they reached the garment’s belt. Her smile turned into a mischievous one, as Stacy decided to give her lovely bed mate a small surprise to wake her up. With a soft tug the knot came lose, and Stacy pulled the belt from Tiffany’s trim waist with a fluid motion. She then carefully rolled the sleeping redhead gently on her side, and pulled her arms tenderly behind her back. Tiffany was still in a deep slumber and barely stirred, as Stacy wrapped the belt around her wrists and bound them together, tight enough that the belt wouldn’t come loose, but not so tight that it would hurt her. She then let the heroine softly roll onto her back and admired her handiwork. Her eyes feasted on the sight of the lovely scientist’s alluring form, her bound arms trapped behind her, her luscious body barely covered by the half opened robe as her ample bosom threatened to spill out from the loosened fabric. Her sleepy expression hadn't changed at all, meaning Tiffany was completely unaware that she had been gently bound by her naughty crime fighting partner. Stacy’s hand moved as if on its own, resting on Tiffany’s firm thigh and then slowly moved upwards, brushing softly against her smooth skin, causing the sleeping redhead to let out a soft moan. She let the fingers of her free hand move to play with Crimson's silky, red locks, while other hand moved lightly over her belly, softly tracing the indentations of her toned stomach, causing Tiffany to shiver in her drowsed state. The blonde agent couldn't resist any further, as she finally allowed her hand to slide up and part the red fabric covering Tiffany's bosom, softly cupping her swelling breasts. Stacy slowly got on her knees and straddled the still sleeping heroine, her hands moving to tug the robe open, slipping the soft velvety material down over Tiffany's broad freckled shoulders, completely exposing her upper body. She leaned closer, her warm lips coming in touch with Tiffany’s smooth, freckled skin as she started trailing light kisses over her bare shoulders, smiling as she felt her sleeping bed mate starting to slowly stir beneath her, her pursued lips letting out a soft sigh as Stacy's advances finally started to rouse her. A heavy blush covered her features, and her eyelids fluttered a moment before she slowly opened her eyes and let out a soft moan.

“Mmmm! Ohhh...Stacy?” she mumbled drowsily, blinking a few times to clear her blurry vision as she also tried to figure out why her pulse was racing and she felt a little light headed. 

“Good morning, Sleeping Beauty!” Stacy said lightly, before she gave her lying partner a long, soft kiss, causing her to slightly tremble, already feeling her strength wane a bit from her spiking arousal levels.

“Are you feeling better, Tiffany?” she asked as she broke the kiss, running her fingers through her silky, red hair.

“Yeah, much better! I have completely recovered. It’s just that, for some reason I can’t move my arms and I feel a bit...woozy...Wait, I’m all tied up!” Tiffany noticed with some surprise as she started weakly wiggling her bound arms, before she turned towards the blonde with a wondering expression.

“I thought I should wake you with a nice surprise!” Stacy giggled playfully, wrapping her arms around the bound redhead, and teasing her a few light kisses on her warm cheeks and shoulders.

“Tying me up in my sleep, teasing me, and draining my powers when I'm...unable to stop you...oooohhh...What a devious surprise!” Tiffany let out a sigh, slowly shutting her eyes as little warm tingles began to spread through her body, Stacy's soft knowing kisses doing her in just as they had the night before.

“That’s right! You are going to be my sexy prisoner for the entire morning! And I have a few ideas for the rest of the day” Stacy said with a grin.

“Other ideas? Like what?” Tiffany asked with interest, able to catch her breath for the moment as Stacy temporarily ceased her advances.

“Well, I was thinking that we could go out for a picnic! There’s a rather nice park in the city, great for little escapes like that. And then maybe we could simply go for a walk around the shops. Perhaps visit that store where we bumped into each other yesterday, and you could try those sexy boots on, they'd look great on you!" Stacy smiled as she gently caressed Tiffany's side, drawing a soft sigh from the bound redhead.

"After that, we could spend the rest of the evening at your place! Make some dinner, drink some wine, and eat some ice cream! Stuff like that. What do you say?” Stacy suggested lightly, gazing at the lovely scientist fondly, as she played with her long red locks.

“That all sounds great! I’d really like that!” Tiffany responded with a smile, causing Stacy to beam brightly. "And I have a hot tub..." The scientist added with a knowing grin.

“Awesome! This will be so much fun! But for now, I think I’ll focus on making my Little Wolf feel so amazing and wonderful!” the agent’s expression changed into a seductive one, as she again began to run her hands slowly over Tiffany’s luscious, bare body.

“Umm! You know, that’s a very teasing name!” Tiffany mumbled softly, with a heavy blush.

“Well, I do enjoy teasing you!” Stacy smirked. Tiffany bit her lower lip, trying to stifle a soft moan, her back arching towards the sensual touch of the hit girl. A warm tingle started spreading over her body, as nimble fingers traced her sensitive skin, softly caressing her firm belly, before they moved to fondle her ample bosom. Her rosey nubs grew hard, providing enticing targets for Stacy's roaming hands.

“Oooooh!” Tiffany let out a long moan, feeling a pair of thumbs rubbing over her pert nipples, and then let out a sharp breath as dexterous fingers lightly pinched and tugged them. The velvet material of her robe rubbed over her sensitive skin, increasing the erotic sensations she was feeling,as Stacy’s hands roamed freely over her body in slow, circular moves, much like the very intimate message that she given her the previous night. Tiffany moaned and squirmed on the bed as she felt Stacy's hands sliding softly over her toned stomach and feeling up her firm breasts, her moans suddenly silenced by another long hard kiss, as Stacy kissed her passionately and aggressively, overwhelming the tied redhead with a passionate, deep, tongue filled kiss. One of her hands wrapped around her back, causing her to shiver as she lightly rubbed her across her spine, while her other hand grabbed her shapely butt possessively. Stacy's long, athletic legs wrapped around Tiffany’s own firm legs, pushing their heated bodies even closer together. Tiffany finally broke the kiss, letting out a hard gasp as her aroused breasts mashed against Stacy’s covered bosom but her lips were quickly covered by another intense lip lock, a warm tongue meeting her own in a fierce battle for dominance. Tiffany kissed Stacy back with equal passion, but she slowly surrendered and relaxed into the kiss, the blond's advances already draining her powers, the red haired heroine swooning as Stacy dominated her by kissing her without restraint, her body quivering with erotic delight as Stacy caressed her all over. Tiffany knew that Stacy cared deeply for her, she knew that she wanted to make her feel good, to offer her pleasure. She remembered how intimately she took care of her the previous night, how gentle and tender she was. But Tiffany had also realized that the agent had another side to her, a more aggressive and dominating one. One that she was showing that morning, as Stacy was driven with passion and desire, kissing and caressing the lovely scientist without restrain, with the intent of bringing her to her sensual peak. Her lips moved to the side of her soft neck, and Tiffany let out a hard moan, as Stacy found a rather sweet and sensitive spot, which happened to be one of the blond’s favorite spots to taste, and kissed her hard. Tiffany was now writhing uncontrollably, her toes curling and her fingers clenching into tight fists behind her back, as Stacy kissed, licked, sucked, and even bit down the sensitive spot, revelling at her sweet taste, while her hands roamed over her amazing body, touching her and caressing her knowingly, like a long lost lover.

“Stacy, aaah! Ooooooooh! You are, draining, all of my, strength!” Tiffany panted weakly, feeling her powers being sapped away with every kiss and touch, her weakness to sensual stimulation slowly rendering her helpless as her mind became warm and fuzzy.

“It’s okay, Sweetie! I’ll take good care of you! Allow me to make you feel wonderful!” Stacy whispered, nibbling her earlobe teasingly. She then started trailing sizzling kisses over Tiffany’s warm cheeks, before she slipped towards shoulders, almost burying her face in the nap of her neck, bathing in her radiant heat of her body, as she kissed and suckled the soft freckled flesh, almost as if she fed of her drained energy. Tiffany hummed and sighed, completely lost in a torrent of sensations, her sharp mind becoming completely hazy, but she wasn’t the only one. Stacy was lost as well, her mind filled with the stunning redhead, writhing and moaning in her arms. It was as if a sensual mist had enveloped the two young women, filling them with desire and passion. Stacy’s arm wrapped around Tiffany’s trim waist, her other hand groping and caressing her shapely rear, before it slipped towards her firm thigh, while her lips moved lower, kissing down Tiffany’s collarbone and the top of her breasts, causing her to purr in delight as she felt a warm tongue slipping between the valley of her soft mounts, as Stacy kissed right between her breasts. Her moist lips then covered a hardened nub, sending jolts of pleasure across Tiffany’s tingling spine. Stacy sucked on the lovely scientist’s succulent breasts, switching between her rock hard nipples, enjoying her sweet taste, and driving the squirming redhead closer and closer to her sensual precipice. Her hand finally slipped between Tiffany's firm thighs and moved over her black panties, finding them completely soaked through with her excitement.

“Stacy! Aaaah!” Tiffany moaned weakly, causing the blond to grin mischievously as she softly stroked her. Without moving her lips from her amazing breasts, her fingers moved towards her burning honey pot. The bound heroine gasped, as she felt dexterous fingers teasing her above the thin material of her panties, the blonde touching her and rubbing her in all the right ways, sending her into a spiral of bliss, before they started moving at a quicker pace, suddenly pushing her over the edge.

“Yes, yes! Haaah! Aaaaah! Oooooooooooooooooh!” Tiffany let out a long moan, throwing her head back and arching her back so much that she barely touched the bed, as Stacy kept her arm around her waist to support her as she quivered and erupted in her panties. Her hips bucked, her entire body went rigid for a moment and then shivered uncontrollably as a mind blowing climax consumed her and drained the remains of her strength, Stacy moving her fingers at a faster pace even as Tiffany climaxed, allowing her to ride out her wave of ecstasy. Stacy's lips moved from the heroine's succulent breasts and captured her plush lips in a sizzling kiss, as she gently rubbed and stroked her, drawing out every little ounce of erotic energy from her climax that she could, until Crimson was completely spent, her body going completely limp as Stacy laid her gently back on the soft bed. Tiffany gave a relaxed moan as Stacy slid down with her, giving her a soft kiss on the lips as a powerful afterglow took hold of the lovely heroine. She took Tiffany gently by the shoulders, slightly lifting her, and reached behind her back, pulling the belt of the robe and unbinding her wrists with a few simple tugs. Stacy then laid her back on the bed lightly, and held her close, allowing the weary redhead to catch her breath as she slowly simmered.

“How are you feeling, Sweetie?” she asked, after a few moments.

“Mmmm! Warm… Fuzzy… Exhausted… Blissful…” Tiffany mumbled, as she slowly opened her eyes and looked at the blond woman with a wry smile.

“Looks like my little surprise was a success!” Stacy smiled back, caressing her auburn locks.

“So, do you really not like the little nickname I came up with?” she asked with some doubt.

“No...I do! It’s really sweet! It’s just the way you say it, it can be sort of embarrassing!” Tiffany responded with a slight blush, causing Stacy to giggle.

“You are just so adorable! In any case, I think I should allow you to get some rest. Otherwise, I doubt we will leave this place for our little outing!” Stacy said lightly as she snuggled in close to the resting heroine.

“Yeah, about that. We will have to drop by my house first. All I have is my Crimson Dynamo suit, and that robe and panties that you gave me...I'll need some actual clothes...” Tiffany said with a wink, mumbling her last words.

“Good point! At least I have a change of clothes that could fit you, until we get to your house.” Stacy nodded in agreement. The two of them remained in bed, cuddling for a while, with Stacy caressing the lovely scientist and landing soft kisses on her luscious, red lips and warm skin every few moments, until Tiffany slowly recovered some of her strength, enough for her to get on her feet. The alluring redhead took a refreshing, cold shower, sighing in content as she allowed the cool water to flow freely on her heated, toned body. Feeling completely refreshed, she enjoyed the quick breakfast that Stacy had prepared, the two partners chatting lightly over the freshly baked pancakes and their hot, fragrant coffee.

“Nice breakfast! I really needed that!” Tiffany said as she stretched her arms comfortably, feeling completely re-energized after their morning romp in the sheets.

“Looks like you are back in shape! Ready for our day of fun?” Stacy asked excitedly.

“Of course! After last night I think we could both use one!” Tiffany smiled in response.

“That’s what I wanted to hear! Let’s hit the road then!” Stacy smiled back, as she grabbed a large bag that contained their suits and equipment. The two partners then stepped out of the safe house, enjoying the pleasant warmth of the morning sun that bathed them, Tiffany’s long fiery locks and Stacy’s shorter golden ones fluttering in the light breeze, as they made their way into the city, their fingers entwining as they walked side by side, holding hands together as they looked forward to the relaxing day ahead.
A Reckless Fight p.3
Stacy decides to give the beautiful heroine a naughty surprise, before they enjoy a relaxing, fun day together!
Crimson Dynamo/Tiffany Johnson is a character of :iconcrimsonvlkyrie:
Stacy Williams is one of my own characters.
Previous part…
The story can also be found here…
I got tagged by :iconsoolz: and, apparently, :iconrenderpretender:, so I thought I'll give this a go.

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Since most have already been tagged, and some of them more than once, there's not really a reason to tag anyone else.

So, here are the fun facts.

    1.     Serena has been around for centuries thanks to an immortality spell she did long ago, which caused her to stop aging. However, a fierce encounter with a fellow witch soon after, caused her to fall into a magic slumber for a long time.

    2.     She has a variety of magical abilities, including shooting arcane bolts and powerful blasts, elemental magic, most notably fire and electricity magic, binding magic, teleport, telekinesis, the ability to drain energy, and her favourite, seduction magic.

    3.     Her magic also gives her enhanced strength, to the point where she can block a strike from an Amazon, but not actually exchange blows with one.

    4.     She usually tries to avoid needless combat, but she is more than willing to pound her opponent to submission, if she’s too stubborn.

    5.     Serena is usually kind and smooth talking, but has a harder side for those who provoke her anger.

    6.     She has been given other names like The Witch of the Forest, the Sorceress of the Woods, and the Purple Enchantress. Few know her with her actual name.

    7.     She has a special interest in Amazons, and after she woke from her slumber during the modern age, she has a growing interest in other heroines too.

    8.     Serena claims that her seduction magic doesn’t cause her victims to fall under her control, it just greatly amplifies their already existing desires and sensations caused by her ministrations. It’s all part of her mind games in order to dominate her captured heroine, cause her to admit her own hidden desires, and fully submit to her.


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